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One of the most devoted moms on the site is Jym, who has authored more than 40, posts since creating her account in She declined to share her real name with Tech Insider. Rather think about other things. Jym also does her part to police the online community. In , when a student at Rice University impersonated a Rice admissions official and told another user that a certain post jeopardized her chances of admissions, Jym sprung into action.

How would you like that? Not everyone likes what has happened to College Confidential, which was bought by education services company Hobsons in Yet many people like the site for what it is. There are, of course, the College Confidential moms and dads, but there are also readers around the world. At least some of those students are thankful for that parental guidance. Richard Ruiz started visiting College Confidential when he was a sophomore in high school. Perhaps the most important mother on the site is Sally Rubenstone, who was hired by College Confidential about eight months after the site was founded.

With 16 years of experience as an admissions officer for Smith College behind her, she was one of the advisers behind the paid services that Hobsons ended up slashing. What are some of the things the class teaches, or assignments assigned? May edited October Post edited by micheeatsfish on October May I'm curious about this too.

And if anyone has taken the Tisch-specific one and would like to comment, that would be helpful. It's a LOT of writing pages a week , and the quality of the teachers is very uneven. I enjoyed the Stern one, didn't enjoy the regular CAS one, and I'd say that's due in large part to having different teachers. What can one do to have an advantage? Hardest part is that the essays are always ambigious in what needs to be done, alot of the teachers are very poor alot of TA's , and the essay is completely different than anything you've done before or will have to do after, unless you become a professional essayists.

What Is a "Why This College" Essay?

Need help writing a thesis paper or research paper? Median grade for the class is Bish Advantage? It is so outrageously sad that we are even talking about this. Desperately trying to put something interesting in your application just to get noticed instead of being judged by your abilities to successfully finish a college education.

These activities do serve the purpose of discovering yourself but academic perseverance is much more important when entering college. Have fun at college, ya scamps! This is a ridiculous. What if the applicant really is president of the Lady Gaga fan club and spends significant time and energy on it?

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Why hide it? Colleges ask students to reveal who they are on an application, but Mr. Reider is telling students to hide their personalities and is judging them for including something he deems unworthy.

How to Write the "Why NYU?" Essay

His response is both arrogant and extremely disrespectful to applicants. However, the more likely scenario is that the applicant adds this small and humorous piece to an application that already has essays on other issues. I am currently advising a recent law school graduate who, it turns out, lied on his law school application.

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In his efforts to be admitted to the bar, the lie has been revealed, and he must now go back, amend his original application, and seek a recertification of successful graduation from the law school. He does not know yet if it will happen. The moral of the story is that when a young person thinks about gaming the system, that student should recognize that there may be consequences beyond just getting admitted to the school of choice.

Are you saying that both of these interests show a weakness for the trivial? You must then prefer relentless grinds as prospective students. The issue is whether the unusual interest reflects positively about the applicant. Not much. Most students are well aware that other students who will gain admission to the schools that are reputedly selective are operating from advantages of money, connections, or the inside track of legacy admissions.

Reider less than the kid who got her name on eight activities carefully chosen by Mom, Dad, and the college counselor. Smart move. Is he or she thinking of taking it again? I find it cynical for Mr. They are only dancing because the piper is calling the tune. And push back HARD at that. Absolutely students should list things they find compelling in their life, even if viewed as whimsical or irrelevant by some of the more narrow-minded in the admissions community. Anything else would be gaming the system.

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Kids should be pushed to be as honest as reasonably possible and, in return, they should expect the same level of integrity from the persons reading the app on the other end. An integrity which recognizes each student as an individual and not in judgment of whether president of the Lady Gaga Club is of greater value than a kid in NHS. Probably not, but it certainly belongs on the app somehow, someway. However, I took my extracurriculars in high school quite seriously. I was an officer in most of my clubs, and had before and after school meetings or activities nearly every day of the week, extending my school day by at least 2 hours, not counting evening and weekend meetings and events.

On paper yes, but it was less about college applications and more about an unwillingness to cut any activity which interested me. I was certainly not just showing up for the minimum, as people seem to assume is common among high schoolers, and neither were the other members of these clubs.

nyu writing the essay college confidential Nyu writing the essay college confidential
nyu writing the essay college confidential Nyu writing the essay college confidential
nyu writing the essay college confidential Nyu writing the essay college confidential
nyu writing the essay college confidential Nyu writing the essay college confidential
nyu writing the essay college confidential Nyu writing the essay college confidential
nyu writing the essay college confidential Nyu writing the essay college confidential
nyu writing the essay college confidential Nyu writing the essay college confidential

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