Persuasive essay on racism in australia

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It should keep the reader engaged and wanting to read more. So, how do you go about writing a strong thesis statement on racism? Take a look at these helpful ideas and tips! The racism thesis statement is so integral and central to how the rest of your essay will read. Such is because it gives the reader insight into how the entire document will look like. If it were to go anywhere else in the essay rather than the beginning, it would only confuse your audience.

All thesis statements explain the ideas in your topic, but a good thesis statement about racism gives your reader direction.

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If you wish to accomplish this, your statement should explain several reasons elaborating on your specific claim. Such gives the rest of your paper the much-needed shape it needs. For example, everyone knows that racism is a social and moral vice. Therefore, coming up with such a topic is irrelevant and would not interest the audience. Your fact becomes an actual racism thesis statement once you add an argument aspect to it. Instead, you decide to give facts why the accused black man, Tom Robinson was innocent.

In such a case, even if your thesis statement is compelling, your paper will not be addressing the issue that you were required to explore. Many students and novice writers think that a thesis statement should emerge fully formed immediately they start writing. However, what happens is that you usually start with a loose argument, then as you write, the idea becomes more evident than before. The more you trim, revise, rearrange and add more paragraphs, the more the thesis statement gains more clarity.

Persuasive essay for racism

The most important thing to keep in mind here is that your thesis should be an easy to read and understand summary of your racism essay. For instance, instead of coming up with a thesis that talks about the effects of racism in the world, come up with one which explains the impact of racism in your country or local community. Furthermore, proper research is conducted in small increment and by carefully scrutinizing things rather than just making huge pronouncements. For indeed, while the path connecting the foundation stone of racism in colonial Australia to the situation of Indigenous people today has taken many turns and at times appears overgrown, forgotten or denied, it nonetheless continues.

It is this same trail of racism that lands Indigenous people on the margins of contemporary Australia. And it is our ability to address this racism, to get off this path, that provides the first yardstick for measuring the effectiveness of our institutional response to racism in Australia. A second yardstick is the ability of our institutions to respond to the struggle, by successive waves of migrants, refugees and their offspring, to become equal citizens of Australia and to gain equal access to the social, economic and cultural capital of their new home.

In relation to this latter struggle it is particularly important that we continue to compare national responses to racism in forums like the present one. As we have heard at this conference, all countries are affected by the rapid increase in the movement of people, commodities and ideas at the global level and the consequent increase in cultural, ethnic and religious diversity within their societies. All countries are therefore working to develop ways of managing the social impact of these trends.

Addressing racism is essential to this task. What commonalities and collective identities should remain within equality? What differential treatment should be recognised and what should be rejected consistently with a notion of equality? In order to structure our response to these questions I would like now to discuss two approaches to the task of addressing racism and the mechanisms available in Australia in relation to each. The first approach is through proscription; making racism unlawful.

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The second is through promotion: making equality desirable. What has Australia done to eliminate the negative? This legislation operates to. The law also prohibits racism based on norms that appear neutral and universal where in fact they favour a particular group and discriminate against others. In other words it makes systemic discrimination or indirect discrimination unlawful.

Persuasive Essay On Racism In Australia

There is a very high onus on the victims of racism in proving to a court that racial discrimination has occurred. This is presenting a significant barrier to obtaining a just result through the legal system.

There is no constitutional entrenchment of the principle of non-discrimination in Australia, nor is there a Bill of Rights. This leaves the protection against racial discrimination through the RDA vulnerable to amendment and dilution by the Federal government. Turning then to the second approach, what mechanisms exist to accentuate the positive and promote racial equality? The documents underpinning the policy expired in While particular projects are continuing and government funds are being distributed under various programs, such as the Harmony program, these are not held together by any policy commitment to equality.

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He advocated that the current policy vacuum needs to be filled with principles and practical measures for promoting equality including a firm commitment to equal opportunities, especially in the areas of employment education, health, housing. At the legislative level there are also very few mechanisms for promoting equality in Australia. The Public Service Act imposes some positive obligations on federal government agencies, requiring each agency to establish a workplace diversity program. As indicated there are strong legislative mechanisms in Australia to eliminate racism by preventing acts and laws which treat racial groups differently.

The difficulty is that some acts and laws which treat racial groups differently may do so for the purpose of promoting equality rather than for discriminatory purposes.

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It would be unfortunate if the mechanisms for eliminating the negative and proscribing racism may, at the same time, have a dampening effect on our capacity to promote equality. The challenge is in opening the door of equality to difference in a way that allows the recognition of differences that ensure equal enjoyment of human rights while ensuring that the door is not open to allowing difference or differential treatment that inhibits the enjoyment of human rights i. How has Australia met this challenge?

Racism speech shakes up Australia

However, the courts have interpreted this in a way that enabled the recognition of certain distinct rights for Indigenous people, for instance in the protection afforded native title through the Native Title Act. As we are aware little has been achieved in Australia to grant Indigenous people recognition of their distinct rights.

In my view this is partly due to the failure of the legal framework, including the RDA, to promote a substantive notion of equality.

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Indeed this line of argument was one adopted by Australia when it was called to account for the amendments to the Native Title legislation before the CERD Committee in Australia argued that the amendments to the Native Title legislation were compatible with a substantive notion of equality, which allowed differential treatment of racial groups so long as the treatment was justifiable and proportional. While it could be argued that these claims by the government were disingenuous, the point still remains that opening the door of equality to differential treatment is a dangerous business.

The situation gets further complicated in attempts by migrant and refugee communities to gain equality. On the one hand it is very important to them that they have access to the cultural and collective resources of their own communities as they chart a new life in new territories.

On the other hand cultural boundaries are impeding their access to employment and education opportunities: opportunities that in most cases brought them to Australia in the first place. It is important that these discriminatory cultural boundaries, that enable particular cultural groups to dominate over others, are broken down. This is best done for them not by expanding upon and refining the way in which equality might incorporate differences through the special measures provisions or other statutory mechanisms, but rather by ensuring that differences and the differential treatment of particular cultural groups are fully identified and declared unlawful.

For instance, identifying and ensuring the RDA addresses, differential treatment that has become so pervasive that it appears neutral or normal while it in fact supports the domination of particular cultural groups over others. This may involve exploring more fully and giving greater effect to the indirect discrimination provisions of the RDA, in particular s9 1A which targets institutional racism. As many of you are aware, an essential part of our role in promoting and monitoring compliance with the federal Racial Discrimination Act, involves promoting research and education programs to combat racism in all its forms.

persuasive essay on racism in australia Persuasive essay on racism in australia
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persuasive essay on racism in australia Persuasive essay on racism in australia
persuasive essay on racism in australia Persuasive essay on racism in australia

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