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Section 6 contains mostly new content, with an PT unpacking tool to help students to choose the right PT, and an assessment targeting tool, to help them to self-assess their completed essays.

How to Structure a Theory of Knowledge Essay

It also looks at the latest news from the IB on the teaching of TOK, and considers the controversy of how to identify knowledge questions from the prescribed title. The pack also comes with two PowerPoint presentations, helping to introduce the process of writing the essay, and Word versions of the PT unpacking tool and assessment targeting tool. Note that the essay guide no longer provides detailed thoughts on the specific prescribed titles. It comprises the updated section 6, the two PowerPoint presentations described above , the PT unpacking tool, and the assessment targeting tool.

If you have a question about the essay guide, or there is a problem with the payment system such as the payment buttons not appearing , get in touch with us using the form below. We are sure that the guide will provide you with a huge amount of help with writing your TOK essay. Hi, Will you be producing a Nov essay pack? If so, when will it be available?

But when i come to this page to access the guide,I am not able to access it. Please let me know the process to access the guide.

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[May 2019 TOK Essay] How to write a L7 TOK essay in 5 hours?

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How reliable is the knowledge provided by our senses? The knowledge issue will be a question or issue that refers to your understanding of the world, yourself, and others, in connection with the search for knowledge. You should also identify the areas of knowledge you will be discussing in your essay. Create an outline.

Use your brainstorming session and your chosen AOK to create an essay outline. This outline will act as your roadmap and help you structure your essay in a concise and clear way. Your essay outline will be dependent on the type of essay title you choose. You would provide an explanation and interpretation of the title and identify the key terms in the title. You would also state your thesis and explain or identify a knowledge issue related to the title.

Paragraph 2: First Area of Knowledge. For example, the arts.

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  8. Discuss how the arts answers the title and provide supporting examples. You should also note any counter-arguments against the title or any limitations of the supporting examples.

    May 2015 ToK Essay Prompts

    Paragraph 3: Second Area of Knowledge. For example, mathematics. Note how mathematics answers the title and provide supporting examples. Summarize your main ideas and restate your thesis. Conclude by answering the title fully, taking into account the counter arguments and limitations of the areas of knowledge.

    1.1 Guide to the guide

    You may also decide to structure your essay based on a main argument and a main counter-argument. Your outline may contain four paragraphs total: [8] Paragraph 1: Introduction and explanation of the knowledge issue. Paragraph 2: Main argument, with justification and one to two supporting examples. Paragraph 3: Main counter-argument, with justification and one to two supporting examples.

    Paragraph 4: Conclusion. Create a thesis statement. Read over the essay title again, as well as your brainstorming notes and your essay outline, before you create your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the fundamental claim you are making in the essay, and should link everything in your essay together.

    Theory of knowledge (IB course)

    Some students find it useful to draft their thesis statement once they have finished writing a first draft of the essay. By this point, you will likely have a better sense of the main arguments in the essay and be able to write a clear, concise thesis statement. Consider how reason and imagination function in the arts and in mathematics, as well as the different ways they function in each AOK. Use your essay outline as a guide.

    Focus on expanding each section of your outline, keeping in mind the word limit for the essay. Your introduction and your conclusion should be the shortest paragraphs in your essay, and the body paragraphs should be the longer sections of your essay. You may want to also refer back to your brainstorming notes to identify the supporting examples for your two areas of knowledge, or your main argument and your main counter-argument. Avoid using dictionary definitions in your essay. You want to show the TOK assessment committee that you are writing a reflective essay, not a textbook definition heavy essay.

    This will demonstrate that you did not engage with the topic and bypassed complexities around the topic in favor of generic definitions. For example, you may be discussing the use of reason and imagination in the arts. Rather than discuss a familiar artist, like Picasso, or a familiar example of imaginative thinking, like the Sistine Chapel, use supporting examples that feel original and insightful.

    Though the essay should be objective in nature, it should also feel reflective and personal. Cite all external sources using MLA style citations. When you are writing your TOK essay, you will likely need to cite external sources when quoting a source or paraphrasing a source. MLA style is a common citation style used in essay writing. Use this guide when citing sources: [10] Reference surprising or little known claims, but not well known facts or commonly held opinions. Reference exact quotes, and use quotation marks. Be consistent with your citations and the way you reference certain sources.

    Read your essay out loud. This will help you determine how precise and clear your language is, and confirm your arguments are well structured and well supported. There should be a natural rhythm to your writing and a certain flow from one section to the next. You want to ensure you use your word count in a clear and concise way.

    Every word will count in your TOK essay. Confirm you have addressed knowledge issues in your essay. You should also use arguments and counter-arguments to support your thesis statement, as well as strong supporting examples.

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    Correct any spelling or grammatical errors. In your final pass through your essay, take the time to address any misspelled words or grammatical errors. Read the essay backwards so you can identify each word and ensure there are no obvious errors in the text. No, your claim can be opposing the claim stated in the question. However, you need to have adequate evidence for coming to the opposite conclusion. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4.

    Not Helpful 5 Helpful 5. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To write a TOK essay that compares several areas of knowledge, start with an introductory paragraph that explains your title and states your thesis. Did this summary help you? Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Co-Authored By:. Stephanie Wong Ken.

    tok essay assessment criteria Tok essay assessment criteria
    tok essay assessment criteria Tok essay assessment criteria
    tok essay assessment criteria Tok essay assessment criteria
    tok essay assessment criteria Tok essay assessment criteria
    tok essay assessment criteria Tok essay assessment criteria

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