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Related posts. Your email. No aspect of schooling can be truly neutral.

High-poverty schools that set high academic standards are persuading children that they can learn and that they have a future. Middle schools that insist on foreign-language fluency are persuading students that the world outside their home is worthy of attention. Religious high schools that encourage back-and-forth in the classroom persuade students that curiosity, disagreement, and debate are important aspects of the moral life. Private schools that let the children of major donors get away with cheating are persuading students that integrity can be sacrificed for financial gain.

State schools that neglect to discuss religious questions are persuading students that ultimate questions do not matter. School systems that allow for a variety of beliefs and pedagogies, such as those in the Netherlands or many Canadian provinces, persuade students that deep difference can be honoured in civil society. In short, for good or for ill, every aspect of formal education rests upon some sort of claim about the human person, the good life, the nature of authority, and the purpose of education itself.

Schooling is not the only domain in which children are persuaded, of course, and even if it were, human agency allows for a variety of response to even the most determined indoctrination, whether secular or religious. But schooling counts for a lot. Education occupies at least 11 full-time years—for many people, with nursery and university, 16 years. Such an inventory would require the same clarity of mind and humility of spirit that Dorothy Sayers recommended.

Berner has published articles and book chapters on the relationship between educational structure and state funding in democratic nations, religious education and citizenship formation, and teacher preparation in different national contexts. She consults regularly on projects that examine the academic and civic outcomes of different school sectors. Her teaching experience took place in a Jewish pre-school, an Episcopal secondary school, and an open university in Louisiana.

She holds degrees from Davidson College Honors A. How three art professors at Christian colleges seek the right mix of studio, history, theory and the other elements of teaching art. It would be a sign of hope for Christians to take the lead in making room for Muslims out of Christian conviction.

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Despite its hazards, homeschooling also provides an unparalleled remedy for a splintered existence. We welcome any and all feedback — please contact managing editor Dan Postma at dpostma cardus. Member Login Register Free Account. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

Persuasion in Education Persuasion is a sensibility and a capacity that a good education cultivates in students. Parents deserve the respect to make their own decisions on such a sensitive issue. Parents come from varying faiths, outlooks, and backgrounds. These elements should be considered when forcing children to be a part of sexual education. Instead of spending tons of money on sexual education, parents and children can look up a variety of information on the internet.

It is the opposite: around half of pregnancies in America are unintended Guttmacher Institute.

Essay on Education

We need an overhaul of sexual education, and parents taking initiative through electronic means is one method to turn this disaster of sexual education into a fruitful activity. Rattling off more numbers, the U. This demonstrates that either sexual education in schools is either given too late, or it is not working effectively.

Never mind the moral reasons for eliminating sexual education from schools, the numbers tell a terrible story of ineffectiveness and wasting money on something that can be taught at home with more focus, sensitivity, and personality.

America leads the developed world in teen pregnancy rates and most children have been sexually active before receiving sexual education. We need to reform our sexual education at home and digitally, providing a way for children to accurately and effectively learn about what having sex entails and what are its pitfalls. Kantor L. Hall, Kelli Stidham, et al. National Library of Medicine, June , www. Remember Me.

persuasive essay on education in america Persuasive essay on education in america
persuasive essay on education in america Persuasive essay on education in america
persuasive essay on education in america Persuasive essay on education in america
persuasive essay on education in america Persuasive essay on education in america
persuasive essay on education in america Persuasive essay on education in america

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