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If history without gardens would be a wasteland, a garden severed from history would be superfluous. In a garden where everything pre-exists spontaneously and perfectly, we would surely succumb to ennui. This was, in a way, the problem with Eden. The Fall may have been a curse for any number of reasons but it was a blessing in so far it made Eve and Adam engaged cultivators of the world.

Questions About Man and the Natural World

It saved them from mindless and feckless bliss. It endowed them with a depth and a density. It enabled them to earn heart. Adam, no doubt, did not hear the call of natality as intensely as Eve. Indeed, it is doubtful that he ever would have taken the initiative when it came to the forbidden fruit. It was in itself already an act of motherhood, for through it she gave birth to the mortal human self, which realizes its potential in the unfolding of time, be it through work, procreation, art, or the contemplation of things divine.

God should have foreseen that by endowing Eve with a potential for natality, he made it painful for her to endure the sterile mirror which the garden reflected back on her. Such a magical garden needs no intervention of any kind. What holds true for the soil—that you must give it more than you take away—also holds true for nations, institutions, marriage, friendship, education, in short for human culture as a whole, which comes into being and maintains itself in time only as long as its cultivators overgive of themselves.

Take education, for instance. What is our situation today?

According to the author, we are living in an age of paradox. Capitalistic and technological forces have engendered a frantic cult of consumerism, have laid before us an inexhaustible inventory for human consumption. I have suggested—and Genesis invites that speculation—that it is far more likely that Eve was the one who secretly loathed the place and that it was the primal wife, rather than the husband, who found a way to get us expelled, putting humanity on the path to maturity.

In the final analysis Eve is the mother of the story. Whether she actually got us out of Eden or whether she merely got God out of Eden, the result is effectively the same. All we must and can do is remember and learn back our pre-lapsarian vocation of care; there is no alternative. And for this we would first need to slow down and recover the lost art of seeing and registering the splendor of nature.

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I love this sight, beautiful. It gives a fitting background to the meaningful words written upon it. Thanks, Donald! Glad you liked it. Lots of new and exciting stuff coming up in the near future. Why did we corrupt our original all-loving and all-sensitive moral instinctive self or soul? Why did we destroy paradise, turn utopia into dystopia!? That has been our terrible predicament or condition: how on Earth could we explain and justify that seeming act of madness; we surely must be evil monsters?! I then said that trying to live with the implication that we are despicable, evil, worthless, utopia-destroying monsters has to have been absolutely unbearable — and to cope with that diabolical situation we had no choice but to adopt the patently dishonest savage instincts excuse while we waited for the real explanation to be found.

What a get-out-of-jail-free-card, but what a lie! But, as I said, until science revealed the difference between instinctive orientations and conscious understandings that has finally allowed us to explain the real reason for our competitive and aggressive behaviour, we had no ability to explain ourselves and therefore no choice but to deny that we have a cooperative and loving heritage and instead believe the lie that our distant ape ancestors were brutally aggressive savages.

Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition

And of course, we also had no choice but to live a retaliatory and defensive angry, egocentric and alienated existence. We no longer have to live a defensive and retaliatory egocentric and aggressive existence, or live a dishonest, alienating life of denying truth.

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Every human can now be transformed from a horrible human-condition-stricken existence to a fabulous human-condition-free life. First-principle science has proven that we are worthwhile; that we are gloriously heroic beings. The relief of finally being able to understand floods through our whole being; the anger and frustration dissipates; all the bullshit, falseness and lies end.

[HINDI] The Garden by Andrew Marvell Explain fully

We can finally love ourselves and participate in the world instead of constantly fighting it. No longer preoccupied with proving our self-worth, we will finally have the room in ourselves to properly help others; to selflessly participate in stopping the suffering everywhere we look. Tony is absolutely right; until we found the real explanation for the human condition the only way we could deal with our immense insecurity about our worthiness was by pursuing the artificial, materialistic forms of reinforcement of seeking power, fame, fortune and glory, BUT now that we have found the real defence for ourselves all those artificial forms of reinforcement are obsoleted, no longer necessary — and the whole human race is transformed!

Redemption and rehabilitation comes to humankind! But dogma is the opposite of knowledge, which means that dogma for conscious thinking humans cannot work, and in fact it never has worked. However, as has just been explained, now that the search for knowledge has finally found that ultimate knowledge of understanding of the human condition, the whole competitive and aggressive way of living is ACTUALLY obsoleted now, bringing about the transformed world Millennials so desperately desire.

So, while their extreme psychosis makes it almost impossible for them to read all this confronting analysis of the human condition, Millennials are the generation who will rejoice the most that this fabulous breakthrough has occurred. Essay 11 , and about the particular difficulty Millennials have with this information in F. Essay In fact, most of human behaviour now is driven by, and most of our personalities are a direct result of, our inability to understand and know whether we are evil monsters or not.

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That IS the absolute bottom-line truth about our lives — that virtually all our behaviour has been based upon an immense uncertainty and insecurity about our fundamental goodness, worth and meaningfulness. Indeed, our insecurity about our worthiness or otherwise has so preoccupied our lives that we have almost completely lost access to the all-sensitive and all-loving instinctive soul within us. Our original instinctive self or soul has died away because of our preoccupation with trying to validate ourselves, establish that we are good and not bad.

Carl Jung — Hull, The Collected Works of C. Jung , Vol. The inability to explain and understand the human condition meant that the more we thought about the subject the more depressed our thinking became. In the end, when we reached the age of around 14 , our thinking typically became so suicidally depressed that we realised we had no choice but to resign ourselves to blocking out from our mind the whole unbearable issue of our seemingly horribly flawed condition. This agonising process of Resignation to living in denial of the issue of the human condition that virtually every human had to go through while there was no truthful understanding of the human condition is described in some detail in F.

The Underground Gardens | Introduction & Overview

This is who I really am! And, as I have emphasised, since there has been no truthful understanding of the human condition until now and so no way to alleviate the confusion, guilt and shame they were experiencing, adolescents eventually had no choice but to resign themselves to blocking out the subject from their minds, at which point they joined the adult world that, in truth, has been preoccupied avoiding the issue of the human condition in virtually everything they did.

Such has been the extent of our fear of the human condition! Basically, growing up under the duress of the unexplained human condition meant living an extremely superficial, escape-the-issue-of-the-human-condition-at-all-costs existence; just leave the whole unbearably depressing subject completely alone and just get on with trying to manage the symptoms of it — all the aggression and hatred and wars and unhappiness and suffering and devastation — as best we could!

This practice of blocking out of our mind or denying the issue of the human condition is the reason why there is so little awareness now amongst resigned adults of what the human condition really is. Everyone smiles and jokes, and puts on incredibly brave faces, but underneath it all it has always been there. As the great psychoanalyst R.

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Essay 11 , which is titled The difficulty of reading about the human condition — which Plato predicted — and the solution. Essay 11 is critically important. So it should be very clear now why finding understanding of the human condition has been described as the holy grail of the whole human journey of conscious thought and enquiry! While the renowned Harvard biologist Edward O.

So, this is all why the explanation of our psychologically troubled human condition that I presented in the third video is so incredibly precious and important. Again, F. Essay 21 provides the biological explanation for how our distant ape ancestors came to live in a cooperative, loving, innocent, Edenic state, and you can read many wonderful descriptions of this time of innocence in F. With this masterpiece, Leunig has boldly revealed the truth that despite the magnificence of our mental capabilities and our undeniable capacity for immense sensitivity and love, we humans have become a brutally angry, hateful, cynical, destructive, arrogant, egocentric, selfish, mad, lonely, unhappy and psychologically depressed species.

Instead of love, beauty and harmony, Leunig has people fighting, beating and strangling each other, drunk out of their minds, depressed, lonely, crying, hiding and suiciding, going mad, and egocentrically holding forth — reflecting, in effect, every aspect of the human condition.

What a novelty, what a monster, what a chaos, what a contradiction, what a prodigy! Judge of all things, imbecile worm of the earth, repository of truth, a sewer of uncertainty and error, the glory and the scum of the universe! How noble in reason!

gardens essay human condition summary Gardens essay human condition summary
gardens essay human condition summary Gardens essay human condition summary
gardens essay human condition summary Gardens essay human condition summary
gardens essay human condition summary Gardens essay human condition summary
gardens essay human condition summary Gardens essay human condition summary
gardens essay human condition summary Gardens essay human condition summary
gardens essay human condition summary Gardens essay human condition summary

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