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Hannah is passionate about bringing undergraduate students across the world into closer dialogue with one another and academics in their fields. Daniel gradauted as a Bachelor of Science, pursuing an extended major in Geosciences. His broad research interests included planetary geology and understanding the biogeochemical origins of life on Earth, and the potential to find evidence of life on other terrestrial planets, like Mars. In addition to his role at Reinvention, Daniel was also the science team leader for the Nova Rover team, constructing the next generation of Mars rovers to compete at the University Rover Challenge, an international competition held annually at the Mars desert research station in Utah.

During her time with Reinventin she is expanded her interests in interdisciplinary research. Sofia studied Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History at Monash University and was involved in legal research projects. She used the time on Reinvention to expand her experience of interdisciplinary research. He had a strong interest in anti-opression resistance movements, queer theory and queer history. In addition to his Reinvention role and undergraduate studies he was the Politics and Economics editor at the Warwick Globalist.

Eleanor read History at the University of Warwick. She is particularly interested in early modern religious history and will spend her final year studying in Venice in order to specialise in this research area. Eleanor believes that undergraduates have unique and fresh perspectives to contribute to their field and is therefore committed to promoting and enhancing opportunities available for the development and publication of undergraduate research.

She's thrilled to be working as part of the Reinvention Journal and with talented fellow undergraduates from around the world as they pursue their research interests. He is interested in meteorology and atmospheric physics, with regards to climate change. He has undertaken several undergraduate research placements in different areas, which has given him an appreciation for how important research experience can be and how undergraduates can contribute to their field in a meaningful way. While undertaking a research project into moddelling the behaviour of swarming animals, he was overjoyed at the number of research papers on the subject available for free public access, originating from all over the world.

Matthew takes an interest in journals from both Science and Humanities and sought to become a member of Reinvention to share in the process of spreading niche knowledge and origional research internationally. He completed a Bachelor of Arts at Monash in , with a double major in Archaeology and History and his current thesis looks at the cultural history of memory in fifteenth-century Florence, through the commonplace book of the merchant Giovanni Rucellai.

During his time with Reinvention , Matt looks forward to learning many new things from talented undergraduate researchers involved with the journal, from all over the world and in a wide variety of disciplines. Bernard graduated from Monash University with a first class honours degree in History and is now continuing with a masters degree at Monash.

His research focuses on Malaysia's post-World War II history, particularly the processes of decolonisation and the path towards independence within the framework of secession attempts by the state of Penang. From his time with Reinvention and the International Conference of Undergraduate Research ICUR , he thoroughly believes in the value of undergraduate research and hopes to see more undergraduates undertaking research projects.

Alexis is an Economics student at Monash University.

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She is particularly interested in development economics, especially on issues facing sex workers in developing countries. Her areas of interest include history, genetics and molecular biology. She has interned as a research assistant in a systems biology lab focusing on non-coding RNA, and volunteers for the Western Port Seagrass Partnership planting mangroves to rehabilitate local coastlines. Jana believes that undergraduate research affords individuals a unique opportunity to combine contrasting fields of study in order to create new and interesting perspectives.

Laura is writing an Honours thesis in History at Monash University. Her particular interests lie in subaltern and working class histories. Her thesis investigates the experience of early Italian migrants to the United States within the workforce. In , she was a Student Director for the International Conference of Undergraduate Research and she is an active member of the education campaign against fee deregulation.

His preferred area of study is Africa in the late and post-colonial era. Specifically, he is interested in the emergence within the literature of the African voice; which has acted as a counterweight to conventional narratives by highlighting the agency of native people. David graduated from the University of Warwick in with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Over the summer he will be working as a research analyst for the charity Giving What We Can, where he will be researching the cost effectiveness of different charities and programmes working on global poverty alleviation.

He hopes to move into the international development sector and work on evaluating the impacts of different national health and education policies. She has particular interests in sustainable architecture and building design, along with alternative renewable energy technologies. Taarika has studied and lived in the US, Singapore and India. She is interested in the promotion of undergraduate research to engineering students, particularly in the renewable energy technology sector. His interests include all realms of Chemistry and is working towards a double major in the area. She is particularly interested in medical ethics and the controversy and policies surrounding such issues.

Kirsten is very excited to be a part of this journal and feels honoured to help publish the creative ideas and research of undergraduate students on an international plane. She is particularly interested in interdisciplinary studies and different approaches to migrant identity and multiculturalism. Hayley is in her fourth year studying Chemistry at the University of Warwick. As a librarian, Hayley has an inherent love of all books, fiction and non-fiction. She particularly enjoys interdisciplinary research and for her final year project, Hayley will be investigating the folding of proteins using Mass Spectrometry.

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  • Warwick’s History, Establishment Secrecy and the Reaction to – Connor Woodman.
  • Jenny is a final year Medical student at the University of Warwick. She has had an academic interest in the laboratory based study of PPE genes in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, exploring antigenic variation. The systematic reviews she undertook for her summer project in , exploring social care interventions in the emergency department and defining re-attendance in the emergency department, are being presented at the International Conference of Emergency Medicine in Hong Kong in June Georgia will continue her research into this historical episode through a Master of Studies in Global and Imperial History at the University of Oxford.

    Roysul is in his honours year of study, starting his research career with Melbourne Museum and Monash University. His main academic interests are in the fields of biology and geosciences, with particular focus in palaeobiology, animal behaviour, evolution and taxonomy. Roysul has completed one summer research project with the school of biological sciences at Monash and another summer vacation program with the federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry DAFF at Canberra.

    These experiences along with science mentoring and ambassadorial roles with the Faculty of Science, have allowed Roysul to encourage his peers for future scientific research.

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    In addition to dealing with scientific questions, he also likes to explore the realms of poetry and philosophy. John graduated in Biological Chemistry from the University of Warwick in and is now in his fourth and final year studying Medicine at Warwick Medical School. During his time at the University, he has completed two undergraduate research summer projects, presented research both nationally and internationally, and published his work twice in the academic literature as an undergraduate. Your discussion will live here Start typing, we will pick a forum for you.

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    History at Warwick - The Student Room

    Check out courses and reviews. Chat to us. Who's getting places? Visit our site. Go to first unread. Skip to page:. Trooper30 Badges: 0. Report Thread starter 6 years ago 1. I've just graduated from Warwick ceremony next week! Not what you're looking for? EnricoDandolo Badges: 4. Report 6 years ago 2. Congrats I am very interested in the Venice programme. How many people do they usually take?

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    Just to see if I have any chance at all. Report Thread starter 6 years ago 3. Report 6 years ago 4. Did you go to Venice in the third year? I am really keen to find out more about it. Did you learn a language? How do universities help teach you? Do they genuinely start with the basics like "hello" and "thank you"?

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    What parts of history would you recommend studying? Report Thread starter 6 years ago 5. Original post by eelnais Did you go to Venice in the third year? Report 6 years ago 6. Original post by Trooper30 1. Yeah when I applied, a language for historians was compulsory. If you do the Venice stream you have to do Italian as your language - even if it's from scratch.

    Not going to lie to you, everyone found it hard! The teachers are good though and understood that we were a class of historians, not a class of language students However, I think the whole language bit of the course has changed in the 3 years since I started, so make sure you check.

    Do check on that 3. In terms of recommendations For me, personally, I loved all of the marginal society modules. I would really recommend the any modules which specialise on marginal elements of society.

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    So unique and really interesting - unlike any history I have studied before Hope this is of some help - do send me more questions or say if I haven't been clear! Report Thread starter 6 years ago 7. Original post by eelnais Thanks very much - this has helped me! Madness and Society sounds really cool. Report 6 years ago 8.

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