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Look at how many other skills you develop at school — interpersonal communication, time management, and other study skills that are essential for the future of a successful person. It would not be possible to get while staying at home. Mostly, the school friendship lasts forever — you grow up together, even your children can grow up together.

Free Short German Essay on "My School" (Meine Schule)

It is highly-valued to meet up with friends since school days. All the doors of extracurricular activities are open to you. The last bell rings for the day, and you can run to a theater or athletics. You can do what you are interested in most while being at school. Children depend on adults — their parents or caregivers, teachers — who often make decisions for them.

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Until then, listen to me! What about the demand for freedom in our society to which an individual could make a contribution? Some report the feeling of instability in life, which derives from dependence and inability to fully take care of oneself financially, for example. Besides, kids do not usually choose their school environment: they have to adapt to it over the course of studies.

Unlike them, young adults are free to choose their college and their first job where they face less direct pressure to fit in. A school child is surrounded by individuals. There is a common problem of fitting in that many school students face. When at school, a child has to become a part of the social environment members of which may have various types of characters, behaviors.

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Their views and habits may vary as well. So a child might become an object for bullying. At StopBullying.

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This usually comes with a lot of stress for a young person, especially when their feelings are not taken seriously by adults. A school child faces a lot of competition in school. They need to prove they are not worse than their peers — from the performance in class to participating in extra-class activities, or even to everyday look.

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In high school, there is confusion because of growing up. Acceptance from others is important as well, and many young people seek it desperately. For additional reading on the topic, you can use the following references: Babu BP. Behavioral Problems of School Children. Discovery Publishing House, Cullingford C. The Best Years of Their Lives?

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Routledge, Gallup A, Newport F. The Gallup Poll: Public Opinion So Students knows how to face difficulties in life and get free from depression.

So school and parents supports are necessary for their better future. From my perspective, in schools students of all ages group work together in a better way and to get an education in an organized way. All the management of school authority works in a systematic and disciplined manner.

Putting a Child to School Is the Biggest Parents’ Priority

Moreover, school is like a temple where students go daily for studies when students reach to school, first of all, pray to God in the assembly of school for their better study and wish good morning and gives respect to all class teachers. In School, students learn how to communicate with each other, good manners and habits and learn how to follow discipline on regular basis in our life.

School is either run by the government as well by the private body. My school has the big building is situated in an area that is very calm, peace and free from pollution, Noise, dust, and smoke of the city. My the school has a big garden where everyone daily pray at the school assembly time and students play when games period starts and enjoy a lot of colorful flower beds greenery in the garden. Sometimes we enjoy and feel very good sitting under the shadow of the tree.

So the importance of school is more in our life. Good Education decides and determines bright future of the students. My school provides all the facilities to the students like the computer a lab, science labs, one big library and big playground for students. My school has staff which is highly qualified.

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My teacher is very intelligent and behaves very politely. And makes us learn different subjects in creative and attractive ways. So School is the place where we get the motivation to work hard in life and learn how in tough times and difficulties to go ahead in life.

essay writing about school life Essay writing about school life
essay writing about school life Essay writing about school life
essay writing about school life Essay writing about school life
essay writing about school life Essay writing about school life
essay writing about school life Essay writing about school life

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