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One popular Arabian physician distilled aromatic oils from plants, which was revolutionary. Speaking of revolutionary, Western medicine became the definition of revolutionary. Alternative medicine became more successful. Also, doctors performed surgeries without washing their hands which led to many further diseases. The success of alternative medicine combined with the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine affected the use of medicines later on.

Alternative medicine is still used in modern times. One commonly used medicine is dietary supplements. Dietary supplements boost nutrients and help fight diseases such as heart disease, infection, and osteoporosis. These supplements are filled with proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbs. Many healthcare specialists recommend them; clearly it has many benefits and should be accepted.

Another treatment that is used a lot is bodywork. Bodywork helps exactly what it says, your body.

It helps alignment, flexibility, and coordination. There are 4 different types of bodywork. One is Hellerwork, which uses deep tissue massages. It fixes headaches, musculoskeletal pains, and stress. There is also the Trager Approach. It includes mental and physical exercises and it helps with mobility. It helps with Asthma, headaches, high blood pressure, and Sciatica.

Another type of bodywork is Feldenkrais Method. This incorporates coordination and flexibility with hands on guidance and verbal instruction. It is meant to help victims of stroke, spinal disorders, musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, and chronic pain. Lastly is the Alexander technique it improves posture, stops fatigue, insomnia, and stress. It cures back, joint pain, circulatory and digestive problems. Obviously if alternative medicine has been used since ancient times all the way until now it must be effective and cure what it says it will.

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Yes, alternative medicine does have critics that say that it is not to be used, but there are many more reasons why alternative medicine is better than conventional medicine. It has been known to create a drug addiction which becomes a bigger problem than the illness. Also, not all conventional medicine fixes the problem, just relieves the pain. It is known that doctors replace dangerous drugs with other drugs that are only a little less dangerous.

Also, these medications have side effects that are worse than the original disease. Such as Xanax, when people stop using Xanax, their panic attacks are proven to increase to percent. Still think conventional medicine is the way to go? Many people support the opposing medicine, alternative medicine. One reason many people turn to alternative medicine is because it costs less, and so does the research for it. The controversy concerning alternative medicine is that is unproven. However not only patients of alternative medicine are happier with it, it also cures their disease safely.

Not using harmful drugs with potentially fatal side effects. Alternative medicine is a clear choice, it comes straight from nature, it has been used from the beginning of time, and is less costly. Only the most ignorant of people would not accept alternative medicine. Are you ignorant?

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Conventional and Alternative Medicine Essay - Words | Cram

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Traditional vs Alternative Medicine Essay

February 21, More by this author Follow Chloe View profile. Report Abuse Print. The author's comments:. This piece is about alternative medicine. I like this 0. Vote this 0. Post a comment. Add to favorites. Submit your own. Similar Articles. Previous Next. TV as Disciplinary. Child Soldiering. From the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution.

This article has 3 comments. Email me when someone replies. Post comment. This is an interesting article, and there are times when alternative or natural forms of medicine are legitimate. There are times, however, when conventional Western medicine is necessary for treating certain innate, biologically-based neurological disorders, for example. Also, as some people say, just because something is natural or organic doesn't mean that it can't hurt you. Report Abuse. Joelle said But let's leave that aside for now.

While good to know, it isn't actually important. What is important is: does it work? To find out, you need to do a double blind study. That means that you need a lot of people we're talking about hundreds, or better thousands and you split them in two groups. One group gets treated with the medicine you want to test, the other gets a placebo. Neither know which one they got. Also, the person handing them the medicine must not know which is which it is controlled by someone else, who has no direct contact with the patient , for unconsciously,they might treat them differently.

If you have a large study done that way, you can tell with great certainty whether something works or not. Studies like that have been performed on homeopathy. This is a fine approach, but you have a much more compelling detail—the story of your own illness—that could illustrate your point much more effectively. Here is my suggestion for an alternative introduction:. Also, please note that very specific details engage the reader and secure his interest. What congenital defects did you have? Your readers will be interested in knowing this detail, particularly if your defects belong to a known syndrome.

What surgeries did you have? I guessed cardiac, thoracic, and GI surgeries since these are common surgeries for congenital abnormalities. Please be sure to replace these details with surgeries that apply to you. The rest of the original first paragraph contained information that you dealt with later, so I omitted this information in order to avoid redundancy. I integrated the details of this paragraph into the revised introduction. In an essay this short, it is not necessary to devote entire paragraphs to transitions.

See how I have streamlined your ideas to transition more rapidly between the first and second paragraphs. I combined these two paragraphs since the latter serves as a powerful introduction to the former.

Conventional and Alternative Medicine Essay

Be sure to avoid repetitive sentences in your writing. I needed to work backwards to get to the possible root causes. This paragraph was generally effective, but it required a few essential adjustments. People usually face their own mortality in car accidents or when confronted with life-threatening illnesses.

This disease, while debilitating, is certainly not life-threatening. This is not a big deal, but it is good to be accurate. The rest of this paragraph was great. You built a terrific case for alternative therapies and for your decision to pursue a career in this type of healing. Despite my urging that she investigate wellness-based treatment, my mother reacted to her illness in the same way her parents had reacted toward theirs: by ignoring it. Unfortunately, not even surgery could ease her suffering, and my mother still experienced far more discomfort than her sisters.

I suggested some important conceptual changes to this paragraph. While you make a great case for the value of alternative therapies, you should not discount the worth of traditional medicine altogether. Instead, I suggest showing how your interest in alternative therapies is predicated upon the assumption that there is a proper time and place for each type of treatment. See my suggestions in the text.

Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture

You chose a great way to end your piece. This is the second most important paragraph in the essay because it is the last thing the reader will read before making his decision. Nonetheless, this paragraph could be improved by adding a few more details. What have you done for your friend with HIV? I imagined, based upon my clinical knowledge, that your friend has suffered infections, muscle aches myalgias , and repeated hospitalizations, but you should replace these details with something accurate.

Again, the content of your essay—and your vision—is wonderful. It was a pleasure to read and edit your work. I think that some careful fine-tuning and restructuring has made this essay into a clear, powerful expression of your ideas, goals and values, and should make a wonderful impression on the admissions committee. Best of luck with the admissions process.

IELTS Sample Essay

Please keep in touch and let me know about your successes. That is the most gratifying part of this work. See this essay before the edit. Skip to content. Edited Essay My reticence regarding traditional medicine does not result from want of experience—indeed, I have spent so much time in hospitals during my life that I am all too familiar with traditional treatments. The following are specific comments on the individual paragraphs of your essay: Paragraph 1 This is the most important paragraph of the piece. Paragraph 2 I integrated the details of this paragraph into the revised introduction.

Paragraph 7 You chose a great way to end your piece.

essay alternative medicine Essay alternative medicine
essay alternative medicine Essay alternative medicine
essay alternative medicine Essay alternative medicine
essay alternative medicine Essay alternative medicine
essay alternative medicine Essay alternative medicine
essay alternative medicine Essay alternative medicine

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