Oedipus complex research paper

Putting Freud’s theory to the test.

A Psychological Approach to My Oedipus Complex Research Paper

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Oedipus Complex

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Oedipus Complex

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Sign in. See Subscription Options. Get smart. Sign up for our email newsletter. Sign Up. Participants in each group read a short story about a character of their sex—Jack for men and Jill for women. All the participants were then given questionnaires assessing their attitudes toward pornography. However, in the oedipal loser and spousal betrayal conditions, male attitudes toward these topics dropped down to the same levels as the women. Nevertheless, the data so are still consistent with oedipal theory, which treats the primal scene as an instance of infidelity.


In a follow-up experiment of the same design, participants were asked to do a word completion task. That is, they were given the first few letters of a word with the rest of the letters replaced with blanks. Since there are multiple ways of completing the words, responses are interpreted as suggesting something about what the person is currently thinking. When participants—both male and female—read the story about spousal infidelity, many of them completed word stems such as SL--, PRI-- and WHO-- with derogatory sexual terms, unlike the control group, who mainly provided words without sexual connotations.

More noteworthy still was that the primal scene story elicited even more sexually derogatory terms than did the spousal betrayal condition. In fact, this finding is exactly what Freud would have predicted. To further explore the idea that the primal scene is interpreted as a sexual infidelity, the researchers conducted one more experiment parallel in design to the first two. The control condition was the same walking in on your roommates making breakfast , but the other two conditions were as follows:.

After reading the story, the participants responded to a questionnaire assessing their attitudes toward infidelity. There was no difference in attitudes for the males between the control and mate poaching conditions, but then, their attitudes were already quite liberal. In contrast, the women expressed much more positive attitudes when prompted to think about engaging in a clandestine office affair.

People are self-serving.

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While they condemn infidelity in others and are hurt by spousal betrayal, they justify their own extramarital escapades. Most remarkable of all were the data from the oedipal winner condition. Both men and women expressed considerably more liberal sexual attitudes after being prompted to think of scoring an oedipal victory. Although the reported experiments lend support for oedipal theory, the researchers are still cautious. Freud believed that the Oedipus complex was a universal experience of early childhood.

oedipus complex research paper Oedipus complex research paper
oedipus complex research paper Oedipus complex research paper
oedipus complex research paper Oedipus complex research paper
oedipus complex research paper Oedipus complex research paper
oedipus complex research paper Oedipus complex research paper
oedipus complex research paper Oedipus complex research paper

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