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8 Major Differences Between Dissertation and Thesis

Similarly, different levels of rigour will be appropriate depending on the context of your research. The key point is that you need to work through such considerations yourself to justify your approach before embarking on your research project.

Every research project without exception has a method or more likely a range of them. Perhaps these are not always addressed directly or explained explicitly but it is the job of researchers not only to know which method s they are using and why, but to know how to make the most of any particular one they use and to work within its limitations. Consideration of what methods you will use to undertake your research is a central part of the design process and will continue beyond it, so it is a good idea to work through this section of TASH alongside the research design pages.

Research methods can be distinguished in very broad terms as qualitative versus quantitative; and different disciplines tend to draw on these to a different extent. Within these major kinds of method, however, you will find that there is a host of particular methodological research skills that are appropriate to a range of projects; you can develop these to maximise your research ability. Here are the specific kinds of methods you can find out about in this section. Which do you want to follow up? The key to completing a research project successfully is planning and organisation.

However, all the careful consideration in the world about such questions is of little use if you do it at the wrong stage in the research process. This is where good project management comes in. There are key stages to managing any project from defining it and planning the work you need to do to considering self-motivation, controlling your schedule, communicating your results and reviewing your achievements. When you intend to produce research that tests a hypothesis objectively by producing numerical data about a large sample or set of information the quantitative method is needed.

There are many key issues to consider when you are designing an experiment or other research project using quantitative methods, such as randomisation and sampling. Also, quantitative research uses mathematical and statistical means extensively to produce reliable analysis of its results.

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As soon as subjectivity - what people think or feel about the world - enters into the equation, the qualitative research method is vital. Research approaches such as using focus groups, producing case studies, undertaking narrative or content analysis, participant observation and ethnographic research are all important qualitative methods.

You will also want to understand the relationship of qualitative data to numerical research. And qualitative methods pose their own problems with ensuring the research produces valid and reliable results. Almost every Arts and Social Sciences discipline and many more besides has undergone major change over the past 40 years in response to the rise of critical theory.

What is the Difference Between a Thesis and a Dissertation?

Marxism; Psychoanalysis; Structuralism; Feminism and Gender Studies; New Historicism; Postcolonialism: these are just some of the intellectual movements that have shaped the kinds of research undertaken across the disciplines. In many areas, indeed, thinking through your response to critical theory will be a central part of developing your research methodology see also Research Design. This is a process fundamental to good research. Your academic teachers will certainly introduce you to critical theories that are relevant in your discipline, so you should always begin there.

However, the value of critical theory is the range of perspectives it offers, and the leverage new critical ideas give you to change and adapt your knowledge; so it is always good to explore intellectually. Different questions should receive different answers. A great deal of research, whether the results you are analysing are qualitative or quantitative, requires the setting of questionnaires.

And there are many different ways of doing so and issues to consider. These include: what length and format of answer you require; phrasing questions so that you can shape the form but not the content of answers you receive; the usefulness of numerical or scaled results; and much else besides. As a student at a major university with an impressive research library, you have access to a huge array of major databases and a range of software programs to help with research.

In Sheffield University Library through a database called CSA Illumina, for example, you can search the titles and keywords of the vast majority of articles published in academic humanities journals anywhere in the world. The same goes for other disciplines, too. Each subject area will obviously draw on databases and software differently, but these give you access to the breadth of information you need to produce research that contributes to your field, and the technology to process and analyse information effectively.

In disciplines right across the University, students and academics undertake archival research, studying rare or unpublished materials. Working in archives gives researchers access to unique, exceptional material, and the ability to study a particular archive can often shape an original research project itself. However, working in archives poses its own problems, from rights of access and the ethics of using the material there, to the practicalities of annotating and reproducing the materials studied.

No matter how good your research design or project management, experiments that you decide to undertake as part of a research project have to be carefully organised and overseen. Submissions will be reviewed using the following criteria:. Are the procedures appropriate for the research questions?

Is there adequate description of the methods used? Is validity properly justified? Are the arguments made clearly? Does the writing flow naturally? Please send any questions about the Dissertation Research Program by email to srf strategicmanagement. Toggle navigation. Las Vegas. Dissertation Research Program. Research in Organizations Program. Research in Strategic Management Program. SMS Service Award.

SMS Fellows. Educational Impact Award. Important Dates for Call for Proposals. DRP Call for Proposals. Submission Guidelines. A submission consists of the following with items a through d provided in a single PDF file: a Cover sheet with the following information: 1. Dissertation title 2. Postgraduate Studies.

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1. WHEN should I start planning my research project?

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Writing a THESIS/DISSERTATION - Organisation, Research & Method

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