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In this way could really help out a good deal with a lot of the children that go to college have mobile phones, but there'll be those few students that don't have mobile phones, so after that happen with the notification for someone who does not have a cell phone to have the message with, so it's really not fair to the people that do not have a cell phone not receiving the message to warn them of danger on campus.

Its like how on the terminal with the narrative it leaves you hanging and there's no existent stopping that i find raging cause now that Someone said it and be aware of it I want to cognize how its visiting stop. How exactly does picking a degree program at Colorado Technical University relate with these career goals? La Sana convivencia, el respeto mutuo, la tolerance, la dignidad del vida pro play argumentative essay on drinking and driving. The Extra Comments box is yet another area which you could show anything we have to learn about your academic situation, which already hasn't been covered in the rest from the application.

Make CV writing macbeth potty cow topics crafting music name in an exceptional my favourite rose crowd essay spm dinosaur of summary writing. Michelle Obama s thesis was released to the public by Princeton University Tuesday after several days of media scrutiny over its availability and content.

The campaign of Sen. Barack Obama D - Ill PBS includes a useful video essay below discussing the down sides and some attempts to improve trust and communication. This paper develops a taxonomy of political regimes that distinguishes between three sets of rights - property rights, political rights and civil rights. The truly distinctive nature of liberal democracy is the protection of civil rights equal treatment by the state for all groups in addition to the other two Michelle Obama wrote her Bachelor of Arts thesis on Blackness at Princeton.

No, we re not making that up. One caveat is that some religious thinkers believe that all anger is fundamentally narcissistic rage. Truth: Hatred is expressed in what Kamierczak did in shooting up his campus two weeks ago. This was Princeton, after all. They were a lot more interested in getting drunk times a week than in anything scholarly. But to pick on her hyphen misuse and semicolon placement is reaching, especially when there is so much relevant criticism due the content of the thesis itself. Fair points. If she were white and her writing was this poor people would assume she was just unsually bad at writing though still quite intelligent.

But because she is an obvious AA admit, gaffe prone, and has commented that her test scores were not particularly good, the bad writing seems to have confirmed her lack of intelligence rather than being something people dismiss as idiosyncratic. Of more concern is the subject matter e. But it does tell us something about Obama when he chose a woman this angry and unpatriotic for his wife. McCain was some time ago addicted to prescription pain medicine and was stealing from a charity she ran to supply herself.

You guys are just sad. Anyone who has met or worked with her will tell you that she is a brilliant woman. Best comment yet. Surely, a senior thesis says something about a person. When my wife is running for president, people can read my senior thesis about the Austrian business cycle theory.

Man or woman. I would be too, because race is fucked up. Which is why I read this blog, to deal rationally with the fucked-upness. Thanks left-wing idiots, for encouraging secretive talk about race. Very healthy. At my undergrad university UF theses and dissertations had to be submitted to an editorial office that had pretty strict guidelines about grammar, punctuation and font size, margins etc etc etc. IIRC it was impossible to defend until they okayed it. Michelle Obama is a prototypical intelligent black woman that is throughly fucked in the head because of the racial thing.

She and her husband too. And they are about to receive the keys to the White House. Or was everybody in the Class of expected to submit a thesis as one of the jump-through hoops of the Princeton Experience? If the latter, she should be cut much more slack. Sure, her essay is dreary, but how many gems could there be among reams of mandated term-paper-plus submissions? The idea that netiquette is the standard to be applied at college is absurd.

And yes, I have a hard time imagining anyone with an IQ over makes the sort of mistakes M. Obama did. The issue is how smart or dumb or intellectual or ditsy Michelle Obama is. The issue is that she is an angry racist. The truth that is hard to fathom is that people with her mentality are not reacting to any injustice done by others. They are perceiving that someone else has something they want. They react to this by first resenting, then demanding, and then acting out in violence to take it.

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Whatever it is. But the pattern of have not Hutus from the same Bantu stock as American blacks being jealous of the cattle ownership of non-Bantu Tutsis is exactly the same of what has played out in America. The same resentment, the same demagoguery, the same rhetoric, the same rioting plays out in a massive genocide. Whites feel worse about slavery an African institution than blacks ever did. Again, watch Hotel Rwanda and understand you are seeing the same story, different actors. Understand that this is never really about black and white, or black and Korean, or black and Asian Indian. It is about Have Nots who have no concept of building collective wealth through individual work and patience and high personal standards.

It is about a vengeful jealousy simply because someone else has something desirable, anything.

This jealousy can never really be appeased by gifts, charity, welfare states, kind liberal words or what have you. That gravy train of kindness is just a bargaining chip to get more gravy — or else more riots, more violence. I am sorry to see that a man as intelligent as Barry Obama has allied himself with a movement of people with this very destructive mentality.

People live in and react to the system they get, especially as kids. I have a cousin who got into Harvard partly because of his baseball talent which strikes me as perhaps even dumber than letting him in for being black. Except that there seems to be some correlation between those two factors. IQ and the wealth of nations. White people and asians seem to be better at performing well in a modern economy.

Life is cruel.

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Michelle Obama is drawing fire these days because her husband is politically untouchable. It happened with Clinton we tend to forget, but Hillary was popular with the general public when Bill was first elected. It happened with Reagan, whose wife was raked over the coals for, among other things, ordering new chinaware for the White House, and consulting an astrologer. People lay off Laura Bush because she stays out of the limelight, but more importantly, because her husband can profitably be attacked on his own shortcomings. Wives of struggling presidents get high marks just for standing by their man.

Eddie Murphy: You know, a lot of people talk about racial prejudice. And some people have gone so far as to say that there are actually two Americas: one black and one white. But talk is cheap. So I decided to look into the problem myself, firsthand. To go underground and actually experience America..

Eddie Murphy Voiceover: I hired the best make-up people in the business. If I was gonna pass as a white man, everything had to be perfect.

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Eddie Murphy: See? See how they walk? Their butts are real tight when they walk. They keep their butts tight. Go ahead. For you have done so much to fill my life with happiness. He enters a convenience store, grabs a newspaper and drops it on the counter. Go ahead, take it. Take it. Eddie Murphy Voiceover: Slowly, I began to realize that when white people are alone, they give things to each other for free. He sits down between two white women. Eddie Murphy Voiceover: There was only one other black man on the bus.

He got off on 45th Street. Loan Officer: Now, let me get this straight, Mr. Is that correct? White Loan Officer: Just take what you want, Mr. Pay us back anytime. Eddie Murphy: So, what did I learn from all of this? Well, I learned that we still have a very long way to go in this country before all men are truly equal. They might be black. This reflects worse on Princeton than it does on M. The highest pinnacle of meritocracy? The philosopher-kings who rule us write like this? I want to second the opinion that Mrs. I was a teaching assistant at a private university in Boston back in the Eighties, and I was shocked at the lack of writing skills exhibited by the students in a gut journalism course.

My prof actually gave back the first set of papers I scored, telling me to curve them. He made clear that I could NOT give these grades at this school! I am a TA at a top, non-Ivy League university. Dude — great column!

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I agree that that universities allow students to indulge themselves too much in subject matter that will seem a bit too frivolous 10 years after they write it. Michele Obama is not running for president; her husband is. Did anyone critiize the way either of the Bush wives wrote, spoke or more importantly thought in the White House? What about the other naive presidential wives? Bet they could not write their way out of a bucket. Ivy League institutions do not produce perfect people because they do not have perfect professors. I rather like it. As a matter of style, it is cute.

Those of you who are criticizing her for her grammar mistakes and then calling her stupid are coming off as incredibly ignorant. Making grammatical mistakes has nothing to do with intelligence. As for those grammar mistakes, I would have to agree that her errors are nothing out of the ordinary. As for her attending such a prestigious school, that is a whole different matter. I met a guy who got into and attended Princeton. He was amazed by the number of students who got in primarily on their good graces. But, as he explained, once you are in, the school does virtually everything they can to make sure you succeed, including providing individual tutors as needed.

Remember, these schools have an extremely high reputation. Keeping their graduation rate high is part of that. As others have already said, blame the institution, not the product. We took a tour of Yale last year with my daughter — a graduating senior. Honor roll every semester, college while still a high school student, ROTC, multiple musical instruments, national ranked musician, captain of sports team ….. Did you know that the top people who apply to Yale had perfect grades their entire high school careers.

Perfect SATs too. White, Asian, Black. They all get s or s. OK Really? Do a few minor misuses of punctuation really negate the quality of a thesis. Anyone who graduates college is already head and shoulders above much of the population. The Unz Review - Mobile. User Settings: Max Comment Length? None Short Long. Social Media? All None Exclude Blogs. Show Word Counts. No Video Autoplay. No Infinite Scrolling. Home About.

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List of Bookmarks. Republished from iSteve by permission of author or representative. Hide 96 Comments Leave a Comment. Trim Comments? No Short Long. February 22, at pm GMT. Green Mamba says:. Wow, and this illiterate made it into Harvard Law School? A shrewd move by Obama. What is in the paper? Vicuna says:. Canson says:. Rebelyell says:. Neither has any disiplinary complaints. I read the first 25 pages at politico. After living through Clinton and Bush Jr. Tommy says:.

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    February 23, at am GMT. Either the Obamas are deliberately blocking the release of the thesis I got the impression Steve was implying that liberal supporters of the Obamas at Princeton were blocking the release, not the Obamas themselves. To the last Anonymous: Her writing is not terrible. Eh says:. It really fosters racial harmony and good will, yes it does. For the greater good of the sun people, some of us have to make sacrifices. You guys are too mean.

    Her spelling is a Legacy of Slavery. And anyway good spelling is a tool of the oppressor to keep The Black Man in his place. So there. Al Fin says:. A couple of comments. Obama thinks today of what she wrote back then. Does Mrs.

    Controversy over new Obama Harvard speech video

    Obama see herself as a Uniter, or as an advocate of Blacks-first-and-foremost? If were going to correct Mrs.

    Digging up dirt on Michelle Obama

    O, we should get it right ourselves. Roger Chaillet says:. We already have a brown one in there. Lucius Vorenus says:. Lucianne Goldberg scrubs her threads after about 72 hours, so this will be gone come Sunday or maybe Monday morning, but there is one of the longest and most virulent threads over there that I have ever seen: Michelle Obama thesis was on racial divide lucianne. What were you, an Engineering major? First off, I do have a great deal of sympathy for her. But, on the other hand, she chose her path, and, at this point, she and I are now enemies.

    Or Shelby Steele. Or Ward Connerly. Point being that people can choose to rise above their circumstances. But they have to have the strength of character to make the choice to do so. February 23, at pm GMT. This is hilarious. Michelle Obama said she was a legal scholar? Did that upset you? Did you feel cheated? Yep…typical blond. Gonna post about that Sigma? If you bothered to read the Newsweek article on her and not the Steve Sailer guessing game. Dearieme says:. James Kabala says:. Qliphah says:. Sisyphus says:. Does anyone know if the school in question has an editorial office?

    February 24, at am GMT. Be afraid. Be Very afraid. Background question. Ben Tillman says:. None Of The Above says:. February 24, at pm GMT. Not yet!

    Obama harvard law thesis

    Eddie Murphy Clerk….. Jim Downey Eddie Murphy: You know, a lot of people talk about racial prejudice. I look kind of Harry Reemsish. Make-up Artist: Mmm, I like it. Eddie Murphy: I studied for my role very carefully. Loan Officer: Mr. This is not a charity. This is a business.. Loan Officer: Well.. Thanks, Bob. Eddie Murphy: It certainly was. Eddie Murphy: What a silly Negro!

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