Internet brings people together essay

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Instead of read books, rest with the friends and deal with other interesting things, they sit in the different social networks.

Research proves the internet does bring people together

For instance, now most of the Kazakhstan pupil and student all day sit at the computer or use internet in their mobile phones, but they not used it in a useful way. They only waste their time and distracted from their studies. People should realize for what they use internet. Internet can be helpful in many ways, because it is a huge source of information. However, you should know it is information useful or not. In my opinion, every new technologies should be used with mind. Want to know the price of your unique Paper?

Get a Price. A limited time offer! So internet has actually increased the chances of communication and interaction among people. For example, the popularity of Orkut and Face book as a tool to interaction among friends all over the world is an evidence of the importance of internet in bringing people closer to each other at very little cost.

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Kindly order term papers, essays, research papers, dissertations, thesis , book reports from the order page. Home How We Work? Essay: Does the Internet bring us closer. What is behind School Violence in America? When distance no longer an issue in interaction and having gadget in hand, it is all what it takes to start mingle with your peers. It also pledged guilty as the predisposition factor for increasing numbers of infidelity and divorce among couple. So as the internet has brought a lot of advantages to human civilization and had triumphantly change the way we communicate, the cons inevitably followed as its consequences.

Thus, we all shall take precaution with it. Please comment on my essay. The widespread use of the internet has brought many problems. What do you think are the main problems associated with the use of the web? What solutions can you suggest? Technology advances, especially with computers and web, passed many stages to reach many people and become available to everyone including teenagers. However these advances do not come without any cost and disadvantages.

Such these advantages could be classified to different degrees in their severity and may affect health and time or could affect people culture and traditions. Generally people, nowadays, browse the web during their free time. This may involve wasting a lot of their valuable time so they become addict to it without thinking seriously about their health.

Research shows that people sit for long hours in front of computers monitor could suffer from many health problems such as back pain, dry eyes and other joints injuries. I think the most obvious solution is by reducing the browsing time to the minimum and following a restricted fixed schedule about what to do within aim to achieve specific tasks. Another well-known issue is family based, appears when children and teenager getting to use the web.

They could spend many hours in activities like playing online games and browsing unsocial websites. This could lead to bad performance and behavior at school. Furthermore, they may not be able to complete their homework which escalated to not attending school. This problem could be overcome by controlling browsing time and access. For examples, parents could install software such as parental control or implementing access functionality like username and password.

Lastly, a familiar problem is facing all business with their employees. They are claiming that most employees who need the internet to do their work spend many hours visiting unnecessary websites and reading unwanted emails. Such as issue could be solved by IT department by installing serves and proxies that limit access and block unwanted emails. To conclude internet is a very useful technology that give many possibilities to people to use at work, school and home which I think personally should not misused or overused.

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The internet is probably the most significant invention of the last 30 years. Without it our lives would be completely different. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet? Recently, Internet of technology makes many different habits in our life. People do many things on internet. Actually, now not only adults and teenagers use internet, but also children too. There are a lot of negative effects and positive effects of internet.

In fact, smart people use internet to help their activities, and few other people use internet just to waste their time. Because of that, I agree with this statement. I believe that internet has two benefits in the world. For example, there are in school not enough teachers to give information about anything, students use computer to find what they want to improve their knowledge.

The second, business include important thing to human life, all people need money, while internet makes business easy and fast. For example, if you have ability to sell some things and you do not have financial to build your business, and then you can use internet to introduce your product, such as facebook, twitter, instagram and blog.

Internet makes something different every time, it gives education and entertainment to make your life easy, comfortable and happy.

Online interactions could resolve group conflict

Recently, everyone with internet technology feels different thought their activities. Please comment on my advantages and disadvantages of the internet essay. With an increasing population communicating via the internet and text messaging, face to face communication will become a thing of the past. To what extent do you agree? Recently, the survey by Pew Research Center's Global Attitude Project, has declared March 21 to May 15, , that social networking is popular in many nations around the globe.

In particular, cellphones and social media are owned by overwhelming large majority of people around the world.

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Also, survey has declared, text massaging is a global phenomenon-across the 21st countries. Undoubtedly, social networking is hurting human interaction. Initially, Pew Internet and American Life Project set up a study on uses of cellphones and Charing and results are not so much surprising because every juvenile is more likely prefer text messaging. Lots of times, texting is being used so much that face-to-face communication is demolished.

Even eye contact is gradually going away; people are becoming more and more avoidant and forbearing. This lack of body language eliminates sincerity in typical conversation. The reason is sarcasm and other moods and attitude are not as clear through text as it could be in regular conversation.

Apart from this, texting or using internet are becoming an addiction. Many psychologists also believe that it is more than that a mental illness.

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Even so, constant texting jeopardize physical, emotional and cognitive health. Particularly, one of the disadvantages of using advanced communication systems is this, relationships, friendships, letter writing, sending occasional cards are ruined their importance by chatting.

The skill of writing has vanished, even no occasional cards are sent so as no more love remained between two people. Quality time isn't the same anymore as it was, since everyone is on their own technology. Mostly, interaction is through internet or chatting, so when you wish to meet face-to-face is now weird. Eventually, percentage around the world a out using social networking is higher in U.

And in result, this totally ruined human interaction. Also averted people from regular conversation and gossips. The electronic communication deteriorates the people and their relationships that it urges us to forcely say that face-to-face communication soon will apart of past.

You can comment below.

Social Media: Bringing People Together, Virtually and Physically

Now a days, Internet has been used in every field such as in education, hospital, business, companies, and so on. Internet has been a vast means of communication. I agree with the statement and I would like to give my opinion in the following paragraphs. There are many positive effects in the usage of internet.

First of all, through internet one can be connected with the world easily and efficiently. Second, in the olden days, sending a letter to a person living in another area has been a very difficult situation because, it takes one or two days time to reach its destination, but now it has become very easy, if u send a mail to a person living in another area or country, it will reach in seconds to its destination. Finally, chatting can be done with the people around the world using whatsapp.

One small message can be sent to number of people using internet. Now a days, social websites like facebook, twitter, has helped people to be connected with the people all around the world. Every simple doubt related to education, business and so on can be clarified using the internet.

internet brings people together essay Internet brings people together essay
internet brings people together essay Internet brings people together essay
internet brings people together essay Internet brings people together essay
internet brings people together essay Internet brings people together essay
internet brings people together essay Internet brings people together essay
internet brings people together essay Internet brings people together essay
internet brings people together essay Internet brings people together essay
internet brings people together essay Internet brings people together essay
Internet brings people together essay

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