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The application of naval blockade preformed by the U. In January Cuba becomes a communist country under the reign of Fidel Castro. As of may the Soviet Union secretly started to move thousands of soldiers, missiles and nuclear war heads to Cuba in intent to bomb America. Kennedy took recognition of the Soviets secret plan and chose to perform a naval blockade to ban the Soviets from bringing in any further military supplies to Cuba. After further negotiation, Khrushchev and Kennedy agreed on the withdraw of the weapons, and therefore improved relations and moved on, creating peace and avoiding further use of nuclear warfare.

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The use of naval blockade supported the US policy of containment by keeping the communist Soviet Union from bombing the US. In conclusion it is indisputable that the policy of containment was one of the most important factors in the Cold War. United States successfully utilized containment by the application of 3 methods, the Berlin Airlift , the Truman Doctrine, and the use of naval blockade. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you? Unemployed Black Men in America Essay. Poaching before and after Independence Essay. The Watergate Scandal: historical review Essay. Review of power reform in Nigeria Essay. Police Essays. International Politics Essays. D Day Essays. Syrian Civil War Essays. The bomber sank two vessels that successfully carried the material. During the Cold War, the United States adopted a number of positive policies at home and abroad to combat the spread of communism and communist ideology.

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In the face of new challenges and new global responsibilities, the United States needs to maintain such a powerful struggle in World War II. While simultaneously preventing the effects of Communism at home without causing the 3 rd World War, it is necessary to include the communist ideology poured out from the Soviet Union. By including McCarthy principles and policies of fringe policy, the US hopes to effectively prevent its recent threats to communism and expansion of the Soviet Union. Containment is a geopolitical strategy to prevent enemy expansion.

It is best known in the Cold War foreign policy of the United States and its allies to prevent the spread of communism. Containment represents the intermediate position between relaxation and rollback. As an explanation of the foreign policy of the United States, the term derives from a report submitted by Kennan to the US Defense Secretary James Forestal in and was later used in journal articles. It is a translation of the French term "warning line" which was used to explain the Western policy towards the Soviet Union in the s. Containment is hampering other countries trying to expand their influence.

From the late s to the early s, the United States adopted this policy for the Soviet Union. The United States hopes to take steps to prevent the expansion of the Communist Party rule to other countries. Containment related to US diplomat George F.

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  • Kenan was the core concept of the US and its allies after the war in dealing with the Soviet Union. Containment will no longer make the cold war a hot battle. They saw the two choices first - they entered the third world war with the great powers that dominated Europe or crushed them down. George Orwell's "", the vision of complete destruction of democracy is close to capturing the feelings of many people after the Second World War.

    George Kennan showed the way out of Orwell's stark vision. This is all because he took part in the Cold War. The Cold War was an era from the late s to the early s and the most important issue for America was to contain the Soviet Union and its communist communist ethics.

    Containment - Critiques of mr. x's doctrine

    Given that the Cold War lasted about 40 years, there are many short-term and long-term impacts associated with it. The impact of the Cold War seemed intense, but in fact it was a war without cannonballs. It is east. The collapse of the Berlin Wall began on November 9, It symbolizes the collapse of communism and the birth of the national democracy of iron curtains. America and Israel have always been passionate about democracy. Both countries have a similar foundation established by most immigrants claiming to create a better society and to build religious tolerance and democratic thought.

    In the times when these two countries often compete with other countries for the majority of the ideology of support and power, the United States has been firmly recognized for its alliance with the Arab countries in the region and increased demand, but Israel There is limited support for it. For regional oil. The Cold War occurred between and The purpose of the Cold War was to rule over international problems for decades and many major crises. President of Cuba President Batista has just left the country on January 1st and he is afraid of Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, a rebel army called "anti-Bartista".

    Castro held power and established a dictatorship system on February Communist Party rule in Cuba So far Soviet leader Khrushchev has decided to do with politics Castro decided to take I questioned the course. Fidel Castro began as a leader in Cuba, who led the Cuban revolution in and built a communist regime.

    His policy was a socialist after the collapse of the Soviet Union. When his health began to fail in , his brother Raul took over the leaders of Cuba. Firdawsi wrote when Persia or Iran escaped control of the Muslim Empire entirely, and local leaders encouraged the flowering of Persian culture. The famous poet concentrated writing on the story of the royal family and heroes, but many of the topics he introduced have practical meanings today as well.

    The US immigration policy has made tremendous changes and continues to be reformed. Since the United States was called an immigrant country, the immigration policy in America has undergone a major change, which has made a big difference in our country. There are strict immigration policies that could be very confusing in the United States, but that is very necessary.

    America first gathered information on the population of the United States in This shows that about 2 million out of 7 million in the US are immigrants. It was his belief that a policy of "firm and vigilant containment" could control the Soviet threat. Kennan's telegram helped form the basis of America's containment policy toward the Soviet Union. As the perceived threat from the Soviet Union continued to grow, the West became desperate to stop the spread of communism.

    England was desperately trying to stop the spread of European communism in key countries, one of which was Greece. A fear shared by the U.

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    • The British economy had not recovered from the expenses of WWII, and England was financially unable to continue to prevent the spread of communism to Greece. They turned to the U. Truman appeared before Congress on March 12, , asking for support of a new policy that would become known as the Truman Doctrine. Truman also stated, "it must be the policy of the United States to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures. This very controversial statement greatly impacted U. Critics argued that this policy would cause other nations to exploit the U.

      Several opponents of the Truman Doctrine also claimed that Truman was exaggerating the Soviet threat in order to win support domestically and expand America's influence abroad. Despite much vocal criticism, the Truman Doctrine became the official policy of the United States, and it had far-reaching repercussions. It drove the wedge between the U. Other nations and regions essentially had to choose between supporting the United States or the Soviet Union.

      Much of Western Europe was economically crippled by WWII and showed little hope of recovery; the infrastructures of countries such as France, Italy, and Belgium were decimated by the war. The widespread poverty, soaring unemployment, and limited potential for improvement created an environment ripe for communist influences.

      The Cold War: Containment

      Marshall proposed a joint economic recovery program between the U. If the Europeans agreed to the plan, the U. Marshall later met in Paris with leaders of key western democracies and discussed the details of the plan. Many of these nations were desperate, and 16 countries quickly agreed to Marshall's proposal.

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      Marshall also offered his plan to the cash-poor Soviet Union but was immediately rejected. Marshall returned home, and Truman presented the plan to Congress. Congress was skeptical of the Marshall Plan and the huge amount of money being promised, since the U. Then in February , a Soviet-backed coup successfully installed a communist government in Czechoslovakia. The continued spread of communism prompted Congress to pass the Marshall Plan in April The Marshall Plan was incredibly successful for both Europe and America. The introduction of large amounts of American capital helped strengthen local economies in the affected countries, and most were exceeding prewar economic levels in just a few years.

      These booming Western European economies successfully halted the westward spread of communism in Europe. American industry also benefited by exporting large quantities of goods and equipment to Western Europe. This newfound economic cooperation would eventually help form the European Community EC , a collective agreement between Western European nations that still exists today.

      Twenty years after World War I, Germany was able to rebuild its economic and military might and target its weaker neighbors. With the blessing of their allies, Britain, France, and America controlled their West German sectors in a way intended to keep Germany impoverished, economically weak, and unable to pose a threat. By March , the Allies realized that their strategy was self-defeating.

      In Germany, widespread poverty and oppressed citizens allowed communism to grow. Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg signed an alliance to work together to improve Germany economically, socially, and culturally. With the cooperation of the United States, these countries hoped to create an economically stable West Germany that would be largely autonomous, although Germany would continue to be demilitarized. The Soviet Union viewed this act as contrary to the agreement signed at the Potsdam Conference.

      They were also skeptical of the Allies' motivation and believed that their actions were intended to undermine Soviet Rule in East Germany and Berlin. In June , the Soviets blockaded all surface access to Berlin from the west. This retaliatory move was intended to send a clear sign to the U. This bold move by the Soviets sent shockwaves throughout the West.

      containment during the cold war essay Containment during the cold war essay
      containment during the cold war essay Containment during the cold war essay
      containment during the cold war essay Containment during the cold war essay
      containment during the cold war essay Containment during the cold war essay
      containment during the cold war essay Containment during the cold war essay
      containment during the cold war essay Containment during the cold war essay

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