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Old tea cups, pipes and benches strewn about. Rope hanging from the rafters and the attention to every little detail was awesome. I loved it. Except for the heat part we spoke about earlier. Talk about intense! Just before we left to head back home, Daniel and his father wanted to fish. We headed to St Lucia where we drove through a game reserve to a beautiful beach. The guys headed off to fish while Alice and I soaked in a rock pool and chatted the day away. It was pretty perfect. Animals, snacks and the ocean — what more could you want out of a relaxing day?

But then it was time to head back to Cape Town. After an amazing holiday, Daniel and I were beyond relaxed. And we enjoyed every moment of our time away. Thankfully my parents were there to take care of Pixel while we were away, but our furbaby missed us like crazy, and we missed her too. Once we made it home, there was a lot of this…. Be sure to follow Daniel on Twitter and Instagram.

The funny part of that point is when you are an intern flying is like your exotic dish. Consider the experience of boarding a plane for the first time, its memorable bringing up surges of nerves and butterflies. Much like when your mother prepares your favourite all time dishes or grandmothers secret recipes to a delicious chocolate cake. The sudden voice of a pilot welcoming you is assuring, yet surprising. Then the take off is like the burst of flavour from the sushi dish or the spicy taste from the East.

It is the chance to jump on the bandwagon taking on trip through the clouds and landing in place unfamiliar to you. Capturing the beauty of the Victorian Falls, Tasting the sensational spices of India, Viewing the awesomeness of the Great Wall of China, pacing through the jungle of New York, Tanning along the sinful strip of Brazilian beach and finally landing in the place you call home. The need to travel is like a deep seated urge waiting explore the world, just as bud of plant seeking the sun.

As I stepped onto the virgin lands of the Mauritian island, I knew without doubt that conquering my dreams meant conquering the vast world of travel. As a little girl I took immense pleasure in the abundant life literature had to offer. I often imagined myself as the queen of the extravagant Taj Mahal, or Jane in the deep jungles of Canada. Everyday I drench myself in the joys of serving. The abandoned lush forests of Canadian Alps to the romance that blossom in Venice. It distinguishes the one from the other-need I say more.

Travelling means moving from one point to another and this depends on the type of means of transport one prefers. There are various types of transportation such as a bicycle, motorbike, private transport such as a car, bakkie or mini bus , public transport such as trains, busses or taxis , airplane, cruise ship and last but not least, by means of one walking to their destination, using their own feet.

In the Cape Town townships we call this CA The main aim to travel exist as a result that one need to reach a certain destination.

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Therefore travelling is a journey from one area to another. This is measured by the amount of kilometers travelled regardless of the type of transportation used. There are various reasons why people travel and to mention a few it can be Tourism, Business related, Personal, Sport event etc.

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Should a need arise for one to travel, it means that, that individual needs to prepare themselves to meet with different people and therefore will get the opportunity to experience the way of life of that destination. By continuously travelling, it allows one to gain personal experience on the information, knowledge and the living conditions in different countries and therefore the whole wild world at large. Through travelling, it creates a way of globalization such as sharing of wealth, investment opportunities thus creating business opportunities, employment, multicultural practices, currency exchange etc.

Using different methods of traveling is a way of exploring how the different transportation systems operate or functions, the different duration of the trip taken and the pros and cons of utilizing such transportation. Traveling is fun, exciting and revitalizing however it can also be tiring, dangerous and unpleasant in situations where there are delays, bad weather conditions and or unforeseen interruptions.

The frequently one travels enables one to learn how to deal with these situations. It is imperative for one to do their homework or preparation before embarking on travelling. For example, when traveling to counties outside the Republic of South Africa, it is a prerequisite for the traveler to be in a possession of a passport or temporal passport. Travelling locally it is necessary to always have your identification document with and is also recommended to have your medical aid card if any on hand.

Last but not least, one should always travel with enough money on them to spend on their journey and should they be faced with unforeseen needs. In South Africa we can travel from the wild hot roaring African bush to the soft salty breeze of the peppermint blue waters. South Africa is one of the most entertaining travel destinations that one can be a part of. South Africa has some of the most interesting and colourful culture groups that you will find in any country.

Along your travel you will be amazed by the mind blowing beauty of nature. South Africa host some of the finest wine refineries that the world can offer, we are also the host of the phenomenal big 5. Every province has its own unique beauty and culture. Gauteng is known for its many mine shafts, these shaft are home to many mine workers. There are special tours where the public can take part in.

On the South Coast you will find that we have long white peaceful beaches with plenty of anglers fishing for the big one, during the months of June and July we have an amazing occurrence we call the sardine run. Many tourist rushes to the coastal line to admire this absolute mystery of nature. We are also the host to the endangered Knysna elephant. We want to travel to a safe destination with plenty of activities. South Africa offers this for me. Along with the most astonishing beauty of nature there are eager qualified tour guides to make a trip an adventure.

South Africa is the place to be, where the motto is local is lekker. Traveling to me is a window to experience and where better to start than in my back yard. Wherever I have traveled there is a uniqueness to South Africa as each province differs in climate and beauty. From the beautiful green and lush KZN with the warm Indian Ocean to the brown open fields of the inland. Icy cold winters in the Free State with its exceptionally beautiful winter skies and a million stars to get lost in. The party life in Cape Town or the shoppers paradise that is vibrant Johannesburg.

Each is unique as it is beautifully diversified in scenery as well as culturally. Truly the most liberally free and exciting country in the world South Africa where everyone is welcomed veiled or unveiled. This is the perfect opportunity to increase our tourism with European countries like France etc and soon other countries like Australia opposing integration and freedom with laws that will marginalize and alienate people from Middle Eastern or Islamic world.

We on the other hand are a truly inclusive vibrant and very accepting society that welcomes differences and embraces change. We absolutely have something for everyone whether you love to do it indoors or outdoors Halaal or Kosher you will love South Africa. To quote Alan Paton ,"I envision someday a great, peaceful South Africabin which the world will take pride, a nation in which each of many different groups will be making its own creative contribution.

An inspired idea grew into an intriguing adventure in the Kingdom of the Zulu for the famous Durban July. Touching down at the newly built King Shaka International Airport we were mesmerised by the architectural splendour. We prompted a dazzling week as we toasted Durban with a round of Caprinhas, at the one of the many restaurants at the airport, Meandering down the freeway edged by rolling hills jacketed with tall stalks of sugarcane, we headed to the North Coast. The small, rural village of Gingindlovu was our base camp for the week.

It is an idyllic setting, central to the main north beaches of Ballito and Zinkwazi. Allured by the hustle and bustle of the city centre, in the days that followed, we perused the Indian bargain shops and like a hungry tribe hunted for the renowned Bunny Chow. Moses Mabhida Stadium, one of the crown jewels of the Fifa world cup in South Africa was always in sight. It possessed such an allure, from stadium tours, retail shops and restaurants to Skywalks, Skycar rides and a Big Swing off the iconic arch. So with an almost tangible excitement we journeyed to the races at the Greyville Race Track.

The Durban July lived up to its reputation with fan fare, outrageous fashions and of course the handsome thoroughbreds. I bet on Bold Silvano who edged passed Irish Flame to win the main race. The Miller Marque provided an exceptional setting for celebration in collaboration with 5fm they ensured we danced the night away. Too tired to do anything else the day after we headed for Zinkwazi Beach. Proud's Pizza and a chilled bottle of wine as we unwound on the quiet beach, was what the doctor ordered.

Durban was certainly worth the trip! We all travel throughout our lives, some travel on foot, some in cars, planes and ships, whatever the mode or reason for travel; all humans find delight and survive in it. We cannot be confined to a certain space forever, the basic human needs for food, shelter, clothing and recreation can only be met when we move from where we are to another place.

From the depths of Africa, where a woman walks for more than 20km to collect water from a river, to Europe and America where a business magnate is making his way to the airport for a weekend away. Travel is necessary for survival. You might have to consider certain factors prior to your journey: Accommodation, duration of travel, the mode of travel, travelling documents, safety, and cost of the journey, payment methods and many other factors which would make the experince delightful.

Different places have different cultures and you will always find something to learn and enjoy, like a new language, a dance, the food that the locals eat and so on. It is imperative to plan ahead of travelling. You will need to know what the weather in the area you are visiting is like, every place in the world has a tourist attraction, something you have never seen before, it may be manmade or from a natural source, all destinations have something exciting and unique to offer.

Some people travel for business purposes, others for pleasure, while some travel to discover and explore. Others travel to find shelter after a hurricane, to find a cure for a body that is weakening with the passing of every second, whatever the mode, whatever the reason, all humans everywhere would perish without the capability to travel.

I have always wanted to travel ever since I was a little girl. Sitting on a plane and looking out into the clouds was something that intrigued me. The movies I watched played a huge rule in my belief off the world on the other side. I would imagine myself to be whisked off into a magical far away land where the possibilities were infinite. When I was eight years old my chance to take on the skies for the very first time finally arrived.

Although it was a short trip from Durban to Johannesburg , my heart was filled with excitement and some fear. However once we took off it was all smiles all the way through. I managed to go on many short journeys much like my first but my longing for a trip overseas was still very much alive. Well life has its ways of surprising you and when I was nineteen years old I was blessed to go on my first international flight to the East.

It was the year and I embraced a two week holiday with my family to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Thailand. The flight itself was wonderful but very tiring; however what those foreign lands had in store for me was life changing. To see different cultures and ways of life just lit up my eyes and uplifted my spirits. I enjoyed every moment of it, the markets, the food, the entertainment and the peoples friendliness. I was touched to see in some parts of Thailand the generosity and humbleness of the people, while in Hong Kong I came to appreciate the knowledge of the city dwellers and the beauty of the harbour at night.

As for Singapore, nothing could compare to the clean well manicured streets, the magnificent beautiful islands and the vast diversity of people that lived in unity. There was alot of luxury surrounding the simple life on the streets. Every morning we were greeted with buffets that were layed before us. It was definitely eye candy, for the tummy should I add.

The day would then offer us a tour of the city where you could see everything from temples to restaurants and malls to ancient art. They say the grass is always greener on the other side; well in this case it literally was as Singapore boasted its large colourful parks and gardens. The were some ups and downs at time and at many points we seemed to be lost in translation. However what I discovered was that you don't need to speak the same language to communicate with each other, all you needed was ordinary skills to understand each other.

A smile, a friendly wave or a handshake spoke much more than words. I thought it was much better to be in a country where I never understood what the others said because it gave me an opportunity to express myself in ways I had almost forgotten how to. I could now laugh or sing, I could jump for joy or just breathe and take in the moment. In these lands I could be me or whoever I wanted to be. A place that could make you feel like you are living in a dream, every step, and everyday was a new episode with new characters being introduced each time. It was simply unbelievable. Well there is so much more that I could say about my trip; however I would have to leave it for another time.

Your mind is a far off land of its own; it can take to you to places and situations that you have never been to before. Impossible is nothing, It all starts in the imagination station - well it did for me. Though I have had many trips that come to mind as some of my favourite, the one I took to the garden route with two French girls stands out.

Having been in Stellenbosch for three years, I had always wanted to go on the garden route during the university breaks but could not because I always had to work during those holidays as opposed to working during December and some winter breaks. The two girls and I had become very close friends as they had been in South Africa since mid winter; and I was briefly dating one of them.

They had come on a one year exchange program to Stellenbosch University and as a student there who arrived as an international student shared some of my experience about Stellenbosch.

Originally there were supposed to be four of us on the trip but another friend could no longer come but went home to Namibia instead. I was the sole driver on the trip therefore we planned it in such a way that we would sleep in Mossel Bay the first night, then Knysna , Tsitsikama and on our way back Plett and Mossel bay. The highlight of the trip was meant to be bungee jumping in Bloukrans as none of us had done it before and had decided to take that route specifically for it.

We left Stellenbosch around eight on a Sunday and headed to the Mossel bay. We stopped several times on the way for photographs and smoke breaks as my companions smoked. We finally reached our first item on the list which was game drive on a farm a few kilometers from Mossel Bay. Though I was tired and had seen most of the animals that were promised on the drive, I received a complimentary ride as we were the only three that had shown up for the scheduled Our guide and driver said it would be more pleasant if I could relay some of their questions as they still have very strong French accent.

Except for the beautiful pictures of the four of us on the safari truck, there was nothing that interesting about the drive and we made our way to Mossel bay. We reached Mossel bay just when the sun set and immediately after checking into the backpackers, we headed to the beach just in time to capture a few kodak moments of the sunset on the beach. One of my friends was from Mossel bay and had offered to show us around if I let her know when were there. With some reasonably priced wine, the night quickly turned into a pleasant one and we called it a night with a walk to the backpackers.

Though nothing to write home about, it was a well priced and cozy backpackers. The following morning we saw a bit more of the town and the sea side and headed to Knysna. On the way there, we stopped on a natural reserve in Wilderness. It had a hike that promised a beautiful waterfall but since we were playing on the enroute the hike, we just barely made it to the waterfall for a brief skinny deep when we had to make our way back before it got too dark.

That not being very far from Knysna, we made it just in time for dinner and since our backpackers was just at the entry of Knysna it was very easy to find. After dinner I had to reinstate my claim on the double bed that one of the girls had sequestered after we showered for bed. With no monkey business I shared the bed with her and we spent most of the night talking about her ex-boyfriend back in France etc.

Though a cold day, a very close friend of mine from the wine society to which we were members was from Knysna. We were in a Citi Golf so she understood why I had complained about the gear lever being too heavy. I was exhausted when we arrived in Bloukrans and but the anxiety of the idea of bungee jumping masked the exhaustion.

The adrenaline rush from the jump carried us the whole day to Tsitsikama though we had to stop for a caffeine fix on the way in the rainy weather.

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The backpackers was a bit more populated and structured than the others we had been to. The girls had to sleep upstairs in the only girls section and guys were downstairs. After a few games of pool and foosball, we made a friend in one of the young managers of the backpacker who was playing barman for the night. He immediately took fancy in one of the girls and she seemingly felt the same.


After playing a few drinking games in the tents at the back, we thought we were giving them some privacy and disappeared to the room but as it turns out while we were locked in the room, she wanted to ditch the barman and go back to the room but apparently the noises coming from the room when he walked her back were enough to make them blush away to his quarters for the night.

Oh, losers from the game of pool and foosball had to run naked around the backpackers and the barman and the girl I was locked in the room with had paired up and lost. While they streaked, she hurt her toe and we only saw how bad it was the following morning when she couldn't walk properly and we had to find a doctor to attend to it. Though heavy, I carried her on my back some time to and from breakfast while she took pressure of the foot. We then headed to Plett where we finally got some time on the beach the sunny beach. It starts after our last stop where we met the other international students who had also gone on the garden route but on organized tour.

They, in their minibuses and us in a maroon rental Citi Golf sport. It starts when sun sets as we approached the Sir Lowry's pass heading to Stellenbosch. Being bored from an empty road, suddenly there were cars ahead and immediate a BMW i went passed us and right behind it was an Audi S3. For somebody who loves cars, I followed.

Five things to consider when planning a trip to Cape Town

With the BMW in the front renowned for its rear wheel drive that makes it take corners like driving a warm knife through butter, and the sporty Audi, suddenly it felt like all the exhaustion from trip faded away and I was properly awake and alert. It felt like playing a computer except I was actually experiencing it in real life.

Each curve these cars took, I took with them. They did not have to change gears as much as I did but that was when the rental Golf came alive. That was the first time I actually enjoyed driving a Citi Golf especially a rental one. I had always had a theory that rental companies got some of the worst versions of cars there are but this was not the case. I normally enjoyed the humming sound of properly set up engines but through the curves the double exhaust pipes in the Golf made quite a hum.

She conceded that she always felt safe with me driving but because I had always complained about how terrible certain Citi Golfs were, she had never wanted to drive small cars in South Africa. The other car that we had rented in the same class was a Chevrolet Spark- the old ones and that was the worst car I had ever driven in my life. It had air-conditioning and power steering but I would take a Citi Golf without power steering and AC any day. I could have gone for another drive but I was so exhausted from the trip that I only went to get some food at the nearby Spar and went back home to for an early night on a Saturday.

Travel is no longer the tedious and expensive undertaking that it once was in days gone by. In our modern era anyone with a desire to do so can travel to any exotic destination of their choice. Travel options abound and the adventurous traveller can reach his destination via aeroplane, train , bus, car or by luxury shipping liner. A qualified travel agent can assist you with all your travel arrangements, advising on the best accommodations, transportation options and giving you guidelines to enjoy all the local sights. They can help you to make the most out of your trip, whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure.

A travel budget is tailored to suit each individuals needs. You may want to backpack through Europe as a single student or you may want to plan a romantic honeymoon for you and your loved one in romantic Paris. Have you ever dreamt of watching the sun set over Kilamanjaro whilst sipping sake? Perhaps you have always wanted to see the historical temple of Borobodur on Java Island? All things are possible with the travel options available today. Travel expands your horizons, both literally and figuratively and a memorable holiday abroad can leave you with a wealth of happy memories.

Make new connections as you meet people from different cultures or simply strengthen business ties with International business contacts across the globe. A travel adventure can take you to places of indescribable beauty, exposing you to different cultures and climates.

These enriching experiences can make a vast difference to your perspective on life in general. Imagine a trip to Rio de Janeiro during the Rio carnival or what it would be like to visit Hermanus , close to Cape Town in South Africa during the whale season. An exhilarating trip could entail shark cage diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing or jet skiing for the adventurous, or simply relaxing on the golden sands of a beach in beautiful Bali.

The seven natural wonders of the world would make a wonderful travelling tour, as would the seven man-made wonders of the world. When it comes to travel, you are only limited by your imagination! I left my beautiful country Zimbabwe with all its fantastic tourist attractions in , with my husband and 4 young children, to relocate to South Africa. We found out that South Africa also had gread tourist attractions.

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My family believe to have zest for life and to live life to the full you have to explore. In two of our children went to live in London , then later that year one went to Singapore.. This gave us a fantastic opportunity to explore other lands, and some where to stay when we got there. Our travel escapades started about 10 years ago when we visited London , from Buckingham Palance, Houses of Parliment, Trafalga Square, to name only a few tourist attractions in London.

Also to add that my mother also left Zimbabwe and stays in the North of England in the Lake district, what a beautiful place. Next on our tour a couple of years later was Singapore to visit our Son, daughter in law and new baby. The country is so organised, It is extremely clean, with no bags or papers to be seen anywhere. There are a lot of modern high-rise buildings, with the famous merlion watching over the busy city. We found Singapore very cheap to eat their local dishes at food courts in the city. France was next, we had difficulty communicating with the local people, we got horribly lost on the underground, we asked for directions, but did not pronounce our words right at all, I do think it is a good idea to know a bit of French or to take a book to translate with.

We did go up the Eifel tower , the view was breath taking. Also went to the art gallery. History is all over the city of Paris, which is so educating. We have been to Portugal twice, toured around the Algarve, the weather similar to South Africa in summer, making our holiday there great, the sea is brilliant blue and the sand is so white it sparkles.

We took a boat ride along the coast to experience all the cliffs and caves, this was truly an adventure. Visited Qatar in January this year, our youngest daughter lives there. It was winter in Qatar, making the weather very pleasant. We visited the Pearl which is a newly built area with modern shops and offices, It is built on re-claimed land from the sea, Out of Doha we took on the sand dunes, it seems to be a great sport of many arabs to race up and down the sand dunes.

We have visited Mozambique 3 times in the past 4 years. Camped at Ponta Molangane, a basic camp site under a jungle of trees and vines, which we were thankful for because it kept out the sweltering heat. At Xai Xai we stayed in a wooden lodge not far from the beach. Last month we visited Victoria Falls , it really is a wonder of the world, David Livingstone must have been blown off his feet, when he saw the falls for the first time. In South Africa we camp frequentley, also have stayed in chalets. Our number 1 place for camping is Mabalingwe, ablutions are spotless, camping site shady , very clean and well maintained.

Not to forget the tin can pub in the middle of the game park.

We have recently bought a 2 man canoe, reason being we canoed on the Zambezi river, the feeling of adrenaline is still there. We have to do research on places where we can use our canoe, with no cros or hippos though. Imagine your dream holiday had finally turned into a reality. You have spent years saving and months doing research.

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  8. And before you realize it, the day arrives for you to 'get away' to that mystical white-sand island or that breath-taking adventure in the wild. But what is it that truly makes your holiday memorable? Is it the company of your family and friends or is it the way you travel from one place to the next? Perhaps it's a combination of both, but nevertheless taking a game drive or enjoying a view from the top of a hot-air balloon surely makes a holiday more enjoyable.

    And the way you travel can also certainly create some wonderful memories.

    3 Things I Love About Cape Town, South Africa | Non Stop Destination

    From ancient bull-carts to modern-day cruise ships , the travel industry has evolved over the centuries to our advantage. From easily affordable plane rides to live entertainment and built-in casinos on luxury liners, people are beginning to see how travelling makes life more worthwhile. If travelling to work every day seems dreary to you, another person might feel completely the opposite and actually take pleasure in seeing the flowers on the side of the road every single day.

    But although we might not all feel the same way or even see things in the same light let's face it, travelling to work by car certainly saves you more time if you had to travel by foot. Travelling by train allows you to meet new people and strangely enough travelling by plane can help you get rid of your fear of heights. Travel brings people of different cultures and communities together which makes riding a camel in the middle of a Saudi-Arabian desert possible. So whether you want to fly in a helicopter or surf the waves of the Indian Ocean, travel creates that spark in your holiday which ultimately leads to those everlasting memories.

    Most people want to travel to overseas countries. I can understand that, in a way,however, the question arises: Have they seen our beautiful South Africa yet? Speaking to various much-travelled people, travelled overseas and South Africa quite a few of them have mentioned that there is a little bit of each country of the world in our continent. Well, after some research and according to their comments, I have compiled a short, but hopefully interesting travelogue running from the Kalahari to the South Coast. In this instance we will be travelling by car. The Kalahari reminds one a little, of Arizona, with it's red dunes and plains.

    This region is well-known for it's cattle farming, the largest salt deposits in South Africa, and it's diamonds. Diamond mining started in Berkely West in and in , in Kimberley , 3 tons of diamonds were mined. The hole made by the mining is one of the largest of it's kind and people from all over the country come to Kimberley to see it.

    Being of an arid landscape, 'The Eye' which is a freshwater fountain in Kuruman, is a virtual oasis and attraction to tourists. The Kalahari National Park is a very popular tourist attraction and has fully equipped Lodges. There is just NOTHING like a Kalahari night, with the stars almost seeming to hang just above your head and windmills dotting the landscape, bringing a wistfulness and peace within oneself. Gemsbok and Springbuck are two of the main buck species in the National Park, with many other species to be seen.

    Leaving the red, sandy landscape of the Kalahari behind us, we enter into a more lush, green environment. Tobacco farming is the main source of income, being of a sunny and humid climate. Water is no problem here. Two huge life-sized elephant sculptures form a guard of honour. Amarula, Baobab trees and Aloe plants are to be seen all over the Bushveld region.

    The Baobab is one of the most versatile trees on this earth, and the largest. It's leaves are cooked as vegetables and coffee is made from it's flower seeds. The Aloe plant's medicinal value is widely known and sold in many pharmacies and supermarkets across the world. And I think we have all tasted the tangy, creamy taste of the Marula Liqueur. There are attractions for pleasure seekers as well as Nature lovers. Here we will find the Sun City Hotels and it's Casinos. Fabulously luxurious accommodation and plenty of nightlife for even the latest night owl.

    The 'bush' part of the Bushveld is an absolute Eden to those who love the outdoors. Game hunters congregate here to shoot and proudly take home their trophies, whilst enjoying the company of fellow hunters around campfires with beer and 'braaivleis'. Messina is known as the 'gateway to Africa', with most of the Venda people living there. Colourfully painted designs on the walls and fences of the Venda villages, with artwork and beadwork for sale, draw tourists like magnets.

    Warmbaths is known for it's hot water springs, and many come to luxuriate in it's warmth as well as receiving relief from aches and pains in their joints. Luxury accommodation as well as a variety of entertainment is available at the baths. Water sports enthusiasts will really enjoy the Hartebeespoort Dam with it's holiday resorts, water sports and ballooning.

    This huge dam is also a valuable source of irrigation to the farmers of the area. As the Bushveld recedes from our rear view, we begin to experience nature at it's best! Green forests all around, stretching as far as the eye can see, and beyond. Macadamia nuts and avocado pear farms are the main source of income, with various fruits like bananas, paw paws and mangos following closely.

    Phosphate and copper mines near Phalaborwa, supply labour to the local residents. The Lowveld is the proud "owner" of the Kruger National Park , and more than people visit it daily. Not only does the Park have mammal and reptile species, but it also contains the Big Five: Buffalo, lion, elephant, rhino and leopard.

    essay about my trip to cape town Essay about my trip to cape town
    essay about my trip to cape town Essay about my trip to cape town
    essay about my trip to cape town Essay about my trip to cape town
    essay about my trip to cape town Essay about my trip to cape town
    essay about my trip to cape town Essay about my trip to cape town
    essay about my trip to cape town Essay about my trip to cape town
    essay about my trip to cape town Essay about my trip to cape town

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