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This was why it was seen happening by adults in work places, in homes, and in the community. Therefore, this harassment was not isolated to schools alone. But schools were the best place to actively intervene. Teachers, administrators, counsellors, and even students had the greatest access to the most students through a school system. It was here that school staff can intervene, support and educates students about ending bullying behaviors directly and indirectly; breaking the bullying- cycle. According to Longwood most people may think of physical bullying as the most damaging type of bullying to a person; however, verbal bullying can be just as harmful as physical bullying, if not worse.

According to Fraser-Thrill, verbal bullying is when someone uses language to gain power over his or her peers. The bully may use insults or teasing to get his or her point across. Although the effects of verbal bullying are not physical, the psychological and emotion damage can be extremely dangerous. Poor self-image is one affect that verbal bullying can have on a victim. This type of bullying can lead to low self-esteem, as well as depression and other problems.

In some cases, victims of verbal bullying can result to substance abuse to help cope with the problems, or even suicide. People do not realize that words can sometimes be as powerful as actions. It can be confusing for someone to try and work out whether the name calling is banter or bullying. A young person going through something like this might feel intimidated or feel under pressure not to make a fuss because others are saying it is just a joke.

If it is a one off incident then it may be that it is banter. It is equally about how you feel too, if it makes you uncomfortable and you have told them to stop but they are still name calling, then this is what we call verbal bullying. The verbal bullying can be anything about weight, appearance,racist, sexual or homophobic bullying.

Name calling has been around for what may seem forever but for someone who is on the receiving end of this, it can often have devastating consequences Fekkes M et al: Pediatrics, May, According to a study conducted by Thrill , one out of ten internet users aged between ten and 17 years are victims of bullying.

Interesting enough, half of the victims that were bullied online and offline by the same culprit, were in a great state distress and devastation.

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Mark you verbal bullying is also a prominent contributor of this scenario. Other findings show that many kids in the United States skip school each day, just to evade the wrath of verbal bullies. This is one the verbal bullying facts that got the lips rolling as soon as it was made official. We are talking about , children not attending school each day. You can therefore the do your calculation and find out how much the kids shall have lost come the end of the year.

Studies also show that 33 percent of middle and high school students have a strong conviction that their teachers can get to the bottom of verbal bullying cases. It has also been shown that bullies and aggressors are four times more likely to be involved in a criminal case and engage in suicidal thoughts when they become adults.

You can as well term this as being haunted by their past heinous acts. In the , a research was undertaken and found that over 80 per cent of verbal bullying cases took place in the inside of the school compound. But what was not clear was which comes first-does bullying cause a child to had a worse health, or do physical or psychological problems result in a child being bullied , the researchers also found that children with symptoms of depression and anxiety had a higher chance of becoming new victims of bullying.

By way of explanation, the authors suggest that anxious or depressed behavior could made a child appear vulnerable to aggressive peers, and make the child an easy target for bullies. There point out that bullying likely damages a child's efforts to cope with symptoms of depression and anxiety, so "it is important to consider teaching these children skills that could make them less vulnerable to bullying behavior.

However, as stated above, before schools can effectively put a whole- school plan into place some groundwork must be securely laid down first. They were the conductors of each category needed in a successful program. Principals must hold students and staff accountable for their roles in changing the climate of the school and they must allow for the time and manpower implementing a new program will take. Ross , , explains that first a solid code of conduct must be in place and operating smoothly.

The formulation of an anti-bullying policy helps to ensure that bullying incidents were handled consistently by all school staff. Studies had found that schools with easily understood rules of conduct and fair disciplinary practices report less violence Cohn and Canter, Schools can use the findings from their needs assessment to guide discussions when developing their anti-bullying policies.

Policies should include a clear definition of bullying and a description of how staff will respond to bullying incidents. School staff must enforce anti-bullying rules consistently and ensure that all students are fully informed of the consequences of breaking the rules U.

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Department of Justice, Another sentence exists, another series of words that could heal you. If you're lucky you will get the second, but you can be certain of getting the first. Related Papers. The Impact of Bullying in Adolescents at School.

By kuro kyl. By cecilia calub. Bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional and involves an imbalance of power or strength. By Tine Luz. By Cecilia Calub. By Arvi Cabungcal. Espelage , Terri D. Gardella , Benjamin W.

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Fisher , Abbie R. Authors: Dorothy Espelage. The Effect of High School Shootings on Schools and Student Performance Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis , July Through analyzing the impact of fatal shootings in high schools, researchers found that homicidal shootings significantly decrease the enrollment of students in Grade 9 and decrease test scores in math and English standardized tests.

Authors: Nadia S. Ansary , Maurice J.


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Authors: Matthew J. Mayer , Michael J. Educational Researcher , January In this article, the authors review research on individual, peer, and school contributions that may be critical factors for enhancing efforts to address bullying among students, concluding with a proposal for a broader model of school bullying based on the emerging literature. A Review of the Evidence Educational Researcher , January This article counters the impression that schools are unsafe for many students by examining empirical evidence of school and community violence trends and includes an overview of the need for schools to develop crisis response plans.

Educational Researcher , January The authors of this article consider how educational researchers can improve school violence and safety research in three key ways and describe international empirical approaches that match school safety data with specific evidence-based practices. Educational Researcher , January Surveying three approaches to improving school disciple practices and student behavior, this article examines their epistemological and empirical roots and supporting research. Educational Researcher , January This article synthesizes research on racial and ethnic patterns in school sanctions and examines the evidence for student, school, and community contributors to these patterns, offering promising directions for gap-reducing discipline policies and practices.

Ansary, Nadia S. Beland, Louis-Philippe - lbeland lsu. Cohen, Jonathan - jonathancohen schoolclimate.

high school research paper on bullying High school research paper on bullying
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high school research paper on bullying High school research paper on bullying

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