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It is a natural evolution and progression of how people interact with each other given advanced capabilities to communicate. With enhanced communication, though, comes the inevitable realization that some nations are less financially capable of supporting their citizens than others. The harsh realities of poverty , starvation, disease and civil war are now made more evident to those who live in privileged countries.

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It would make sense, therefore, if individuals used the excuse to not help less fortunate people in the world because they were not aware of their suffering, they could no longer ignore the pain that exists outside their comfort zones. It frightens people to come to terms with suffering in the world.

It also raises the question of exactly how much the suffering of other countries and the failing of their governments becomes our responsibility as an affluent nation. These considerations need to be made and some sort of system established to ensure that countries that are economically able help to improve the standard of life in developing countries while maintaining prosperity for their own people. With increased responsibility to support impoverished countries comes the consideration that perhaps an enhanced system of interconnectedness between countries will lead to global cooperation and peace.

This assertion does not specify, however, that supporting cultural identity in specific response to globalization will lead to peaceful relations between countries. It seems obvious that if all countries felt secure in the protection of their cultural beliefs in the world, we would live peacefully.

It is idealistic to imagine a situation where cultures can meld together without losing their individuality while remaining peaceful about the compression of global culture. More likely a clashing of cultural ideals and values would ensue. An example of this antipathy can easily be seen while examining world religions.

In the Middle East , wars have been raging for centuries over religious ideologies. She describes how cultural clashes emerge when studying parenting styles. She writes about a specific study involving Lebanese and Australian mothers whose cultures led them to parent in very different ways, and as a result feel resentful toward the mothers of the other culture. Since children play a significant role in all world cultures, it makes sense that each culture would have very different expectations and customs surrounding parenting.

This small slice of cultural practice is representative of many other engrained cultural differences around the globe. Perhaps if existing cultures were not already set up to contradict each other, a peaceful threshold could be reached. Whether the world is shrinking, expanding, or remaining the same metaphorical size, it is clear that how we communicate across physical and cultural boundaries is changing at an accelerated rate.

With these changes comes a responsibility, as humans, to consider the implications of our shifting realities. Without an objective and inclusive analysis of these issues, we will be unprepared for the rollercoaster of cultural mayhem that could inevitably ensue. If we are in fact becoming a global village, will we be able to reach some sort of consensus about how these issues should be addressed in order to benefit all members of our village equally? If we cannot determine respectful cultural boundaries in the simplest manner with regards to language, economy, and basic means of survival, it is presumptuous to assume that we can identify as a global village at all.

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ESSAY BY SADAQAT: World as Global Village: Learning to Live Together

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Understanding the Implications of a Global Village

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Western Feminism in a Global Perspective. Cultural Issues in the Higher Education Classroom.


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Women worldwide experience subjugation in the form of Few would disagree that the most significant development at the G meeting in Pittsburgh during September , was the formal acknowledgement of the changing of the guards. Multicultural and multilingual classrooms have become the norm in many educational and professional settings throughout the U.

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Intelligent Design in the Complexity of the Human Body. In a previous article I wrote about fine-tuning in the Universe and the empirical evidence for a Grand Designer that can be found within our reality. The relationship between various nations of this so-called global village is marked with glaring economical, social and industrial inequalities and exploitation. In many of these countries there still exist autocratic, authoritarian regimes, fundamentalist dictatorships, feudal systems, and endless and appalling-poverty.

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  • The majority of the people in these countries do not have even basic amenities of life. They are so occupied with the struggle for survival that for them the concept of the world as global village has no meaning. Till recently most of these countries were slaves. They were ruled over by foreign colonial and imperialistic nations. The attainment of political freedom does not by any means indicate economic freedom and financial independence.

    Thus, the concept of one world or the world as a global village is quite inconceivable with existing extensive poverty and extreme inequalities. This disparity has increased rapidly over the years. The poor are unable to meet their basic need while the rich people belonging to the First and Second World nations are rolling in wealth and luxury. There is a need of a change of fundamental nature before we can speak of a truly one global and peaceful village.

    Tense disparities between developed, developing and underdeveloped countries should be reduced considerably. The rich and developed nations should be stopped from exploiting the poor ones. In developed countries millions and millions of dollars are spent on such trivial as video games, maintenance of lawns and pets. This is just a tip of the iceberg. The percentage of world income spent by these countries in wasteful luxuries, comforts etc.

    This kind of distorted expenditure patterns in rich and developed countries are very unfortunate. In poor countries people do not possess even the means to make their both ends meet. They are deprived of basic needs like access to clean potable water, primary health care, shelter, education, clothing etc.

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